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五月份 第 08 課

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  • (2013-05-10) ------

  • North Korea Details Charges Against American Prisoner
  • 朝鮮公佈對韓裔美國人裴俊皓的指控
  •   North Korea's supreme court has detailed some of the charges against a Korean-American tour operator who was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor last month for plotting to overthrow the government.
  • 朝鮮最高法院列舉了對韓裔美國公民裴俊皓的一些指控;這名旅遊運營商因被控陰謀推翻朝鮮政府上個月被判 15 年的勞改。

  •   A court spokesman told the North's official Korean Central News Agency on Thursday that Kenneth Bae was arrested in the city of Rason in November while in the possession of anti-Pyongyang literature.
  • 法院發言人星期四對朝鮮中央通訊社說,裴俊皓去年 11 月在羅先市被捕,當時他隨身攜帶反平壤的宣傳品。

  •   The spokesman said Bae was working through churches in the U.S. and South Korea to bring down the North Korean government.
  • 這名發言人說,裴俊皓在美國和南韓的教會宣揚要推翻朝鮮政府。

  •   He was also accused of bringing more than 1,500 people from North Korea, China and other countries to what were called "plot-breeding" bases around China, and giving lectures opposing Pyongyang.
  • 他還被控拉攏 1500 名朝鮮人,中國人和其他國家的人,到中國各地的被稱為 “製造陰謀” 的據點,進行反對朝鮮的演講。

  •   The spokesman said that Bae had confessed to all the charges.
  • 這位發言人說,裴俊皓對所有指控供認不諱。

  •   He was convicted and sentenced in a closed-door trial that his attorney was not allowed to attend.
  • 他(裴俊皓) 在不對外公開的審理中被定罪和判刑,他的律師未被允許出庭辯護。


  • (2013-05-10) ------

  • Merkel Visits Afghanistan
  • 德國總理默克爾訪問阿富汗
  •   German Chancellor Angela Merkel has made a previously unannounced trip to Afghanistan to visit with German troops serving on the NATO peacekeeping force there.
  • 德國總理默克爾突然對阿富汗進行了一次事先未宣佈的訪問,視察了駐阿富汗的北約維和部隊中的德國軍隊。

  •   Ms. Merkel arrived Friday in northern Afghanistan, according to German officials.
  • 據德國官員說,默克爾星期五抵達阿富汗的北部。

  •   Her visit comes less than a week after a German soldier was killed in an insurgent attack in northern Afghanistan.
  • 在她(默克爾) 訪問的不到一個星期前,一名德國軍人在阿富汗北部的一次反叛份子的攻擊中喪生。

  •   Germany has the third-largest international troop deployment in Afghanistan, after the United States and Britain. It currently has about 4,200 troops in the NATO International Security Assistance Force.
  • 北約各國在阿富汗的北約國際安全援助部隊中的數量美國最多,英國第二,德國第三,德國軍隊的人數目前大約有 4200 名。

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