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五月份 第 09 課

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  • (2013-05-13) ------

  • North Korea Changes Hard-Line Defense Chief
  • 朝鮮更換強硬派國防部長
  •   North Korea has replaced its hard-line defense chief with a little-known army general.
  • 朝鮮用一個鮮為人知的陸軍將軍張政男取代強硬派的國防部長金格植。

  •   Although no official announcement was made, a news report from the official Korean Central News Agency named Jang Jong Nam as among the party officials attending an art performance with leader Kim Jong Un. He was identified as the minister of the People's Armed Forces.
  • 雖然朝鮮沒有正式宣佈,但是朝鮮官方的中央通訊社說,張政男陪同朝鮮領導人金正恩一同觀看一個文藝演出;報導稱張政男是人民武裝部長。

  •   He replaces hawkish General Kim Kyok Sik, who is believed responsible for the 2010 shelling of a South Korean border island that killed four people.
  • 張政男取代了強硬派的金格植;據信,金格植是 2010 年朝鮮炮擊南韓前線島嶼延坪島,造成 4 人死亡事件的幕後主導人物。

  •   The change comes as the Korean peninsula is emerging from a period of heightened military tensions that followed the North's nuclear test in February.
  • 朝鮮國防部長易人,正值朝鮮半島從因朝鮮 2 月進行核子試驗而加劇的軍事緊張關係中走出來的時候。


  • (2013-05-13) ------

  • Philippines Holds Elections Crucial for Aquino Reforms
  • 菲律賓舉行為阿基諾改革至關重要的選舉
  •   The Philippines is holding elections seen as a mandate for President Benigno Aquino's reform agenda.
  • 菲律賓正在舉行選舉;這次選舉被認為是對總統阿基諾改革日程的授權。

  •   Voters on Monday are choosing more than 18,000 officials, including local leaders, more than half of the 24-member Senate and hundreds of legislators in the House of Representatives.
  • 選民星期一將選舉 1 萬 8 千多名官員,包括地方領導人,24 名參議員中過半數以上的參議員,以及數百名眾議員的議員。

  •   President Aquino swept into power by a landslide in 2010 on a promise to fight corruption that he blames for widespread poverty.
  • 2010 年,阿基諾承諾要打擊導致普遍貧窮的腐敗,因此以壓倒性多數贏得總統選舉的勝利。

  •   He has scored high popularity ratings for prosecuting corrupt officials, including his predecessor, Gloria Arroyo, now in detention while being tried for alleged massive graft.
  • 阿基諾在懲處腐敗官員方面的舉措深受百姓的歡迎,被懲辦的腐敗官員包括他的前任阿羅約;阿羅約目前因據稱大規模腐敗被關押。

  •   Elections in the Philippines have long been plagued by bribery, along with intimidation or violence against opponents.
  • 菲律賓的選舉長期以來受到賄賂和對競爭對手的恫嚇,或暴力現象的困擾。

  •   Results of Monday's poll are expected in a few days.
  • 星期一的選舉結果預計將在幾天後揭曉。

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