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五月份 第 11 課

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  • (2013-05-15) ------

  • Parallel Talks Focus on Iranian Nuclear Program
  • 兩個國際會議討論伊朗核項目問題
  •   Iran's nuclear program is the focus of two separate meetings Wednesday, but no major breakthroughs are expected ahead of the country's June presidential election.
  • 伊朗的核項目是星期三兩個不同會議討論的主要內容,但是預計不會在伊朗 6 月的總統選舉前有重大突破。

  •   The U.N. nuclear agency is holding a 10th round of talks since the beginning of last year with Iranian officials, as its investigators continue to seek access to Iran's nuclear facilities and documents.
  • 聯合國原子能機構正在同伊朗官員舉行去年初以來的第 10 輪談判;與此同時,聯合國原子能機構的調查人員繼續謀求進入伊朗的核設施並得到有關的文件。

  •   The International Atomic Energy Agency is concerned about Iran's potential development of nuclear weapons, and wants to visit facilities such as the Parchin military site to resolve questions about the program.
  • 國際原子能機構對伊朗可能發展核武器表示關切,希望視察諸如帕琴軍事基地,解決有關核項目的問題。

  •   Iran insists Parchin is a standard military facility and that its nuclear program has only peaceful purposes.
  • 伊朗堅持帕琴是一個標準的軍事設施,而且伊朗的核項目僅做和平用途。

  •   Meanwhile, in Istanbul, Iran's top nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili will hold talks with European Union policy chief Catherine Ashton.
  • 另一方面,在伊斯坦布爾,伊朗的首席核談判代表賈利利將同歐盟外交政策負責人阿什頓舉行會談。


  • (2013-05-15) ------

  • N.Korea: Detained US Citizen Begins Life at "Special Prison"
  • 朝鮮:被拘禁的美國公民開始在 “特殊監獄” 服刑
  •   North Korea says an American citizen sentenced to 15 years of hard labor has begun serving his sentence.
  • 朝鮮說,被判 15 年勞教的一名美國公民開始服刑。

  •   The Korean Central News Agency said Kenneth Bae "started his life at a 'special prison' Tuesday." It did not elaborate.
  • 朝鮮中央新聞社說,裴俊皓星期二 “在一個特殊監獄’開始服刑”;報導沒有詳細?明。

  •   The 44-year-old Korean-American tour operator was found guilty last month of plotting to overthrow the Pyongyang government.
  • 這位44 歲韓裔美國人的旅遊運營商上個月被控陰謀推翻平壤政府。

  •   He was arrested in November in the northeastern port city of Rason while in possession of what authorities said was anti-Pyongyang literature.
  • 裴俊皓去年 11 月在朝鮮東北部港口城市羅先被捕,平壤當局說裴俊皓當時攜帶著反平壤的宣傳品。

  •   Last week, the North's supreme court described Bae as a Christian evangelist who was trying to set up "plot-breeding bases" in China aimed at toppling the North's government.
  • 上個星期,朝鮮最高法院指出,裴俊皓是個基督教福音傳道者,企圖在中國建立 “製造陰謀的基地”,目的是要推翻朝鮮政府。

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