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五月份 第 12 課

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  • (2013-05-16) ------

  • Taiwan Begins Military Drills Near Philippines to Protest Fisherman's Death
  • 台灣開始在菲律賓附近海域軍演 抗議台灣漁民被菲律賓打死
  •   A diplomatic dispute between Taiwan and the Philippines intensified Thursday, as Taipei began a military exercise in the disputed waters between both countries.
  • 星期四,台北開始在台灣和菲律賓之間有爭議水域進行軍事演習,雙方之間的外交爭端激化。

  •   The air and naval drills in the Bashi Channel come a week after the Philippines Coast Guard shot dead a 65-year-old Taiwanese fisherman, prompting outrage in Taiwan.
  • 在台灣於巴士海峽展開海空軍演的一星期前,菲律賓海岸警衛隊開槍打死一名 65 歲的台灣漁民,這一事件引起台灣民眾的憤怒。

  •   The family of the fisherman and Taiwanese officials have refused to meet the Philippine president's personal representative who was sent to Taiwan to apologize for the death.
  • 這名漁民的家人以及台灣官員拒絕會晤奉派到台灣就這一事件道歉的菲律賓總統私人代表。

  •   Taiwan's premier Jiang Yi-huah rejected the apology of President Benigno Aquino because it referred to the shooting as "unfortunate" and "unintentional."
  • 台灣行政院長江宜樺拒絕接受菲律賓總統阿基諾的道歉,理由是菲律賓將這起槍擊稱為 “不幸” 和 “出於無意” 的事件。

  •   Taiwan also rejected an earlier statement of regret by a lower-ranking official.
  • 此外,台灣還拒絕接受一名菲律賓較低級別官員早些時候發表的表示遺憾的聲明。


  • (2013-05-16) ------

  • At Least 5 Killed in Kabul Blast
  • 喀布爾爆炸造成至少 5 人死亡
  •   Afghan police say a suicide car bomber has targeted a convoy of foreign military vehicles in the capital, killing at least five Afghan civilians and wounding several others.
  • 阿富汗警方說,一名自殺汽車爆炸手在首都襲擊了一個外國軍車車隊,造成至少 5 名阿富汗平民死亡,幾人受傷。

  •   The Hezb-e-Islami insurgent group has claimed responsibility for the Thursday morning attack in Kabul.
  • 反叛組織伊斯蘭黨宣稱對星期四上午發生在喀布爾的這起事件負責。

  •   A spokesman for the group said American advisers were the targets.
  • 該組織發言人說,這次襲擊的目標是美國顧問。

  •   NATO's International Security Assistance Force said it was aware of the explosion and was looking into reports of casualties.
  • 北約國際安全援助部隊說,已經得知這次爆炸,並在了解有關傷亡的報告。

  •   Hezb-e-Islami is a militant group which shares some of the anti-foreigner, anti-government aims of the Taliban.
  • 伊斯蘭黨是一個激進組織,該組織反對外國人和反對阿富汗政府的目標與塔利班一致。

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