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五月份 第 19 課

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  • (2013-05-27) ------

  • US Observes Memorial Day
  • 美國紀念陣亡將士日
  •   Americans are pausing Monday to honor the country's war dead, as the United States observes its annual Memorial Day.
  • 星期一是美國的陣亡將士紀念日。美國民眾在全國各地以各種方式紀念為國捐軀的陣亡將士。

  •   U.S. President Barack Obama is taking part in a wreath-laying ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery, just outside Washington, before giving an address remembering those who gave their lives for the country.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬在華盛頓近郊的阿靈頓國家公墓參加敬獻花圈儀式,然後發表講話紀念為國捐軀的將士。

  •   Soldiers have placed American flags on more than 260,000 graves at the cemetery.
  • 士兵們在 26 萬多個陣亡將士墓上覆蓋了美國國旗。

  •   Mr. Obama and his wife, Michelle, also hosted a breakfast at the White House for families of the fallen.
  • 歐巴馬先生和第一夫人米歇爾還在白宮與陣亡軍人家屬共進早餐。


  • (2013-05-27) ------

  • Japanese Mayor Apologizes for Remarks
  • 橋本徹就其美軍應支援成人娛樂業言論道歉
  •   A Japanese mayor apologized Monday for saying earlier this month that U.S. troops should patronize legal adult entertainment businesses as a way to reduce rapes and other assaults.
  • 一名日本市長星期一就本月早些時候的言論道歉;他當時說,美國軍隊應當支援合法的成人娛樂業,以減少強姦和其他侵犯行為。

  •   Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto told an audience at the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Tokyo that the remark was inappropriate and could be construed as an insult to U.S. forces and to the American people.
  • 大阪市長橋本徹在東京的外國記者俱樂部說,這種言論是不恰當的,可能被解釋為對美國軍隊和美國人民的侮辱。

  •   However, Hashimoto defended his statement made two weeks ago that the wartime practice of forcing Asian women - mostly Chinese and South Koreans - to work in brothels was necessary to maintain discipline and provide relaxation for soldiers.
  • 但橋本徹為自己兩星期前發表的評論進行辯解,他當時說,戰時強迫亞洲婦女 -- 主要是中國和南韓婦女 -- 在妓院工作對於維持紀律、讓士兵放鬆是必要的。

  •   He said he was quoted out of context to say he personally believed that the use of so-called "comfort women" was necessary.
  • 橋本徹說,如果認為他本人相信使用 “慰安婦” 是必要的,那是斷章取義。

  •   Hashimoto says his remarks stem from concern about sexual assaults by U.S. military personnel on Japanese women in Okinawa where a large number of U.S. troops are based.
  • 橋本徹表示,他之所以發表這種評論,是因為美軍對沖繩的日本女性的性侵犯使他感到擔憂;美國在沖繩有大量駐軍。

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