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六月份 第 01 課

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  • (2013-06-01) ------

  • China's Tiananmen Mothers Denounce Lack of Reforms
  • 天安門母親批評習近平未實行政治改革
  •   A group of families has denounced Chinese President Xi Jinping for failing to launch political reforms, saying he is taking China "backwards towards Maoist orthodoxy."
  • “天安門母親” 批評中國國家主席習近平沒有實行政治改革,並說他使中國 “大踏步地退回到毛式正統”。

  •   In an open letter published Friday on the Internet site of the New York-based group, Human Rights in China.
  • 總部在紐約的人權組織 “中國人權” 星期五在其網站上登出天安門母親的一封公開信。

  •   The Tiananmen Mothers activist group demanded that the Chinese leadership open a dialogue and reassess the June 4,1989, crackdown at Tiananmen Square in Beijing that killed up to 3,000 protesters.
  • 天安門母親要求中國領導層開始對話,重新評價 1989 年的六四事件,當時有超過三千名抗議者死於北京天安門廣場的鎮壓。

  •   The group has repeatedly called for China to publish a full list of the names of those who died, and to compensate relatives.
  • 天安門母親多次敦促中國當局公佈所有六四事件死難者的名單,並對死者親屬予以賠償。

  •   The latest letter says Chinese society is "permeated with a general sense of despair" and that none of China's recent leaders has been a real reformer, including Xi Jinping who was installed as president this year.
  • 這封公開信說,目前中國社會有 “一種瀰漫著的絕望感”,並說近年來的中國領導人都不是真正的改革者,習近平也不是。


  • (2013-06-01) ------

  • Burma, Kachin Reach Tentative Cease-Fire
  • 緬政府與叛軍達成停火協議
  •   Burma's government and ethnic Kachin rebels have reached a tentative cease-fire aimed at ending two years of fighting that has displaced nearly 100,000 people.
  • 緬甸政府和克欽族叛軍初步達成停火協議,這場歷經兩年的戰火導致將近 10 萬人流離失所。

  •   Under the agreement, reached Thursday after three days of talks, fighting will stop and further talks will be held on Kachin demands for more political rights and greater autonomy.
  • 經過 3 天會談後,雙方於星期四達成這項協議,決定停止戰鬥,並就克欽人要求更多政治權利和更大自主權問題舉行進一步會談。

  •   The talks, in northern Burma, were monitored by representatives of the United Nations, Chinese government and Burmese ethnic minorities.
  • 會談在緬甸北部舉行,聯合國、中國政府和緬甸少數民族都派出代表列席會議。

  •   Chinese diplomat Lu Zhi told VOA's Burmese service that China had assisted the negotiations at the request of both sides.
  • 一位中國外交官對美國之音說,中國應雙方的邀請,為談判提供了幫助。

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