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六月份 第 02 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2013-06-03) ------

  • Asian Markets Fall
  • 亞洲股市星期一下跌
  •   Asian stock markets fell Monday, as investors continued selling on concerns about weak Chinese manufacturing data and the direction of the U.S. economy.
  • 亞洲股市星期一下跌, 投資者由於擔心中國製造業數據下跌和美國經濟走勢而拋售股票。

  •   European stocks were mixed in afternoon trading and U.S. indexes edged higher as the week's trading opened in New York. U.S. markets fell sharply on Friday.
  • 歐洲股市星期一下午漲跌互現;美國股指星期一開盤時在上星期五大跌之後略有上升。

  •   Japanese stocks led the losses across Asia on Monday, as the benchmark Nikkei 225 index and the Topix index both lost more than three percent. Indexes in South Korea and Australia also suffered significant losses.
  • 星期一,日本等亞洲國家股市全面下跌,日經 255 指數和東證指數均下跌 3 % 以上,南韓和澳大利亞股市也大幅回落。

  •   The sell-off in Asia accelerated after an HSBC Chinese manufacturing index fell to 49.2 in May, the lowest mark in at least seven months.
  • 之前恒生中國製造業指數 5 月份跌至 49.2,是 7 個月以來的最低點。

  •   Investors are also concerned over speculation the U.S. Federal Reserve may begin scaling back its massive bond buying program aimed at stimulating the U.S. economy, after a series of positive economic reports.
  • 投資者還擔心美國聯邦儲備銀行可能會因為連續傳來的好的經濟報告而削減旨在刺激美國經濟增長的大規模購買債券計劃。


  • (2013-06-03) ------

  • US Welcomes Selection of New Palestinian PM
  • 美國對巴勒斯坦新總理人選表示歡迎
  •   The United States has welcomed the selection of a new Palestinian prime minister, saying the choice of academic Rami Hamdallah comes at a "moment of challenge" and a "moment of opportunity."
  • 美國對巴勒斯坦的新總理人選表示歡迎,並說學界人士拉米‧哈姆達拉赫是在面對挑戰和機遇的時刻被任命為總理的。

  •   Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas asked Hamdallah to form a new Palestinian Cabinet in West Bank, replacing Salam Fayyad, who announced his resignation in April and formally leaves this month.
  • 巴勒斯坦民族權力機構主席阿巴斯責成哈姆達拉赫在約旦河西岸組建巴勒斯坦新內閣,以取代薩拉姆‧法耶茲;法耶茲於 4 月宣佈辭職,並於本月正式離職。

  •   U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry congratulated Hamdallah in a statement Sunday, saying the United States can work with the new government on a path to a negotiated two-state settlement with Israel.
  • 美國國務卿克里星期日發表聲明,祝賀哈姆達拉赫就任,並表示美國可與巴勒斯坦新政府合作,探索通過談判方式與以色列達成以巴兩國共存協議的途徑。

  •   The Islamic militant group Hamas, which controls the rival Gaza Strip, has rejected the appointment.
  • 控制加沙地帶的伊斯蘭激進組織哈馬斯拒絕接受對哈姆達拉赫的任命。

  •   A spokesman calls it "illegal" and says it will not help bring Palestinian unity.
  • 哈馬斯發言人說,這項任命是非法的,並聲稱這一任命不會有助於巴勒斯坦實現團結。

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