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六月份 第 04 課

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  • (2013-06-05) ------

  • China, Mexico Promise Greater Bilateral Cooperation as Xi Visits
  • 習近平訪問墨西哥 雙方承諾加強合作
  •   China and Mexico promised greater bilateral cooperation and expanded commercial ties, as Chinese President Xi Jinping started a three-day visit to the Latin American country.
  • 在中國國家主席習近平開始對墨西哥進行為期三天的訪問之際,中國和墨西哥承諾加強雙邊合作以及擴大貿易關係。

  •   After meeting Tuesday with his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto, President Xi said the two countries signed a wide-range of cooperation agreements.
  • 習近平星期二會晤墨西哥總統涅托後表示,中墨兩國簽署了範圍廣泛的合作協議。

  •   The two countries reached agreements on access for Mexican pork and tequila to the Chinese market.
  • 中墨兩國就墨西哥豬肉和龍舌蘭酒進入中國市場達成協定。

  •   Mr. Xi also said China plans to soon purchase $1 billion worth of Mexican goods, but did not elaborate.
  • 習近平表示,中國計劃不久將從墨西哥購買價值 10 億美元的商品,但未做具體說明。

  •   The visit was partly aimed at restoring Mexico-China ties that were strained during the administration of former Mexican President Felipe Calderon, who welcomed Tibet's exiled spiritial leader, the Dalai Lama in 2011.
  • 習近平這次訪問的部分目的是恢復在前墨西哥總統卡爾德龍任期內處於緊張狀態的中墨關係,卡爾德龍曾於 2011 年會晤西藏流亡精神領袖達賴喇嘛。


  • (2013-06-05) ------

  • Syrian Army Regains Control of Qusair
  • 敘利亞政府軍奪回庫賽爾控制權
  •   Syrian forces backed by Hezbollah fighters from neighboring Lebanon have regained full control of Qusair, a strategic city on the Lebanese border where government troops launched an offensive nearly three weeks ago.
  • 敘利亞政府軍在鄰國黎巴嫩真主黨戰鬥人員的支援下,已經完全收復了黎巴嫩邊境附近戰略重鎮庫賽爾的控制權;近三個星期前,敘利亞政府對庫賽爾發動攻勢。

  •   Syrian state television said Wednesday the army had defeated "terrorists" -- a term the government uses to describe opposition fighters trying to oust President Bashar al-Assad.
  • 敘利亞國家電視台星期三說,敘利亞軍隊擊敗了 “恐怖份子”,敘利亞政府把試圖推翻阿薩德總統的反對派武裝人員稱為“恐怖份子”。

  •   The rebels said they withdrew from Qusair, which they had held for more than a year.
  • 反政府武裝則表示,他們撤離了庫賽爾;反政府武裝控制庫賽爾一年多。

  •   The city is located along a key highway linking the capital, Damascus, to the Mediterranean coast, and is close to rebel smuggling routes along Lebanon's border.
  • 庫賽爾位於連接首都大馬士革和地中海沿岸的一條重要公路旁,距離反政府武裝的黎巴嫩邊境走私路線不遠。

  •   The fighting in Qusair drew in Hezbollah militants, raising international concerns about the spread of the Syrian conflict.
  • 黎巴嫩真主黨激進份子參與了庫賽爾的戰鬥,國際社會因此而更加關注敘利亞衝突的蔓延態勢。

  •   Last week, the United Nations Human Rights Council approved a resolution condemning Mr. Assad's government for using "foreign fighters" in Qusair.
  • 聯合國人權理事會上星期通過一項決議,譴責阿薩德政府在庫賽爾利用外國戰鬥人員。

  •   Meanwhile, officials from the United Nations, Russia and the United States are holding talks Wednesday in Geneva, as they try to pull together a peace conference to end the crisis.
  • 與此同時,聯合國、俄羅斯和美國的官員星期三在日內瓦舉行會談,爭取召集一次旨在結束敘利亞危機的和平會議。

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