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六月份 第 04 課

  • 歷史上的今天------>
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  • (2006-06-06) ------

  • Iraqi Police say Nine Severed Heads Found in Baquba
  • 伊警方說在巴古拜發現九顆被砍人頭
  •   Iraqi police say they have found nine severed heads wrapped in plastic bags near the town of Baquba, northeast of Baghdad. It is the second such discovery in recent days.
  • 伊拉克警察說,他們在巴格達東北部的城鎮巴古拜發現了九顆裝在塑料袋中被砍下的人頭.這是伊拉克近日來第二次發現被砍人頭。

  •   In the capital, an explosion near a taxi station in a central part of the city killed one woman and wounded at least one other person.
  • 首都巴格達中心一個出租汽車站附近發生一起爆炸事件,一名婦女被炸死,至少一人受傷。

  •   At least five other people died in shootings and other attacks in Baghdad Tuesday.
  • 此外,至少還有五人星期二在巴格達發生的槍擊和其它攻擊事件中死亡。

  •   Insurgent and sectarian violence has surged across Iraq in the past few days as Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki struggles to fill two key cabinet positions.
  • 總理馬利基努力填補兩個關鍵內閣職務的同時,伊拉克各地的反叛攻擊和教派衝突過去幾天來不斷增加。

  •   Intense wrangling by factions within the governing coalition have blocked a consensus.
  • 伊拉克政府聯盟中的不同派系無法就這兩個內閣職位形成一致意見。

  •   In other news, Mr. Maliki said Tuesday he will order the release of 2500 prisoners who were not involved in violence. He called it a move to promote national reconciliation.
  • 此外,伊拉克總理馬利基星期二說,他將下令釋放與暴力事件無關的2500百名囚犯.他稱此舉是為了促進全國和解。


  • (2006-06-06) ------

  • China Calls Claims of Genocide in Tibet "Fabrication"
  • 中國稱在藏民族滅絕指控是捏造
  •   China is condemning accusations made in a Spanish court that it engaged in genocide, torture and crimes against humanity in Tibet.
  • 中國譴責在一家西班牙法庭中提出的指控.這項指控說,中國在西藏有民族滅絕、折磨和反人類的罪行。

  •   China's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that the allegations are "sheer fabrication." The ministry also said that the court was interfering in China's internal affairs.
  • 中國外交部星期二說,這些指控“純屬捏造”.中國外交部還說,這家法庭干涉中國內政。

  •   The court is hearing testimony from an exiled Tibetan now living in Spain in a complaint that accuses former Chinese President Jiang Zemin, former Prime Minister Li Peng, and five other top Chinese officials of responsibility for the alleged crimes.
  • 法庭正聽取一位目前在西班牙居住的西藏流亡人士在一項訴訟中的證詞.中國前國家主席江澤民、前總理李鵬和其他五位中國高級官員被指控要為以上罪行負責。

  •   Spanish law allows courts to try international complaints of genocide and crimes against humanity.
  • 西班牙法律允許法院審理民族滅絕和反人類罪行的國際訴訟。

  •   Rights groups say more than a million Tibetans have been killed or gone missing since China took control of Tibet in 1950.
  • 維權團體說,自從中國1950年控制西藏以來,有一百多萬西藏人被殺害或者失蹤。


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