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六月份 第 04 課

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  • (2009-06-04) ------

  • Tight Security and Calls for Accounting Mark China's 20th Anniversary of Tiananmen
  • 六四天安門 20 週年戒備森嚴
  •   Chinese police aggressively deterred dissent on Thursday's 20th anniversary of the crackdown on democracy activists in Tiananmen Square, as China faced renewed calls to account for the bloodshed.
  • 隨著平反六四呼聲再起,中國警方在六四鎮壓天安門民主運動 20 週年之際,對不滿活動採取了嚴加防範的措施。

  •   Chinese police barred reporters from even entering the square Thursday and uniformed and plain-clothed security agents were out in force to prevent any commemoration of the anniversary.
  • 星期四,警察完全禁止任何記者進入天安門廣場,與此同時,中國政府出動了大批警察和便衣,嚴防任何紀念六四的公開活動。

  •   The United States has called on China to openly examine the 1989 crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrators in Beijing and account for all people killed, missing or detained in the military operation.
  • 美國呼籲中國政府公開回顧和檢討 1989 年在北京對民主示威者的鎮壓、並對所有在軍隊鎮壓過程中死亡、失蹤和被拘留的人有一個徹底的交代。

  •   On the eve of the 20th anniversary of the events in Tiananmen Square, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Beijing should give human rights the same priority that it does to economic reforms.
  • 在天安門事件 20 週年的前夕,美國國務卿希拉芯‧克林頓表示,中國政府應給予人權問題和經濟改革同樣重要的地位。

  •   On June 4, 1989, China's government sent tanks and troops into Tiananmen Square to crush weeks of student and worker protests, killing hundreds.
  • 1989 年 6 月 4 日,中國政府調動坦克和軍隊到天安門廣場,鎮壓學生和工人組織的持續了幾個星期的抗議示威活動,殺害了數百人。

  •   China remained firm on its verdict on the Tiananmen protest and its aftermath.
  • 中國政府對六四事件直到今天依然堅持已有的定性。

  •   Foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang told reporters Thursday that the government had already come to a clear conclusion regarding what he called the "political incident."
  • 星期四,外交部發言人秦剛表示,政府早已對那次“政治事件”做出了明確的結論。


  • (2009-06-04) ------

  • Tens of Thousands of Hong Kong Residents Joined a vigil
  • 六四 20 週年數萬港人守夜
  •   Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents have joined a vigil marking China's 1989 crackdown on protesters in Beijing's Tiananmen Square, while Beijing police smothered the square to prevent similar memorials.
  • 數以萬計的香港居民參加了守夜活動,紀念中國在 1989 年鎮壓北京天安門廣場抗議者;與此同時,北京警方嚴密控制了天安門廣場,以防止類似的紀念活動發生。

  •   Organizers of the Hong Kong candlelight vigil say more than 100,000 people attended Thursday's event in Victoria Park marking the 20th anniversary of the June 4 crackdown.
  • 香港燭光守夜活動的主辦單位說,10 萬多人參加了星期四在維多利亞公園舉行的六四鎮壓 20 週年紀念活動。

  •   They say it was the largest turnout at the annual vigil since it began in 1990.
  • 他們說,這是從 1990 年以來最大規模的一次年度燭光守夜活動。

  •   Hong Kong is the only part of China where such commemorations are permitted as the city enjoys a high degree of autonomy from China's communist government in Beijing.
  • 在中國,這樣的紀念活動只有在中國共產黨政府允許享有高度自治的香港才可以舉行。

  •   Beijing authorities kept Tiananmen Square open to visitors Thursday, but uniformed and plain-clothed security agents blanketed the area and no acts of protest were reported.
  • 北京當局星期四向遊客開放天安門廣場,但穿制服和便衣的保安人員密布廣場,沒有發生抗議行動的報導。


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