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六月份 第 04 課

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  • (2011-06-06) ------

  • HRW: Sudan Abuses in Darfur Escalate
  • 人權觀察:蘇丹達爾富爾侵權升級
  •   Human Rights Watch says abuses in Sudan's Darfur region have increased in the last six months while the world's attention was largely focused on south Sudan's upcoming independence.
  • 人權觀察說,過去六個月裡,當全世界把注意力集中在南蘇丹即將獨立的問題時,蘇丹達爾富爾地區的侵權現像已經升級。

  •   The rights group says there has been a surge in government-led attacks on populated areas of Darfur and aerial bombings since December.
  • 這個人權組織說,政府領導的對達爾富爾一些人口集中的地區發動的襲擊和空襲自 12 月以來激增。

  •   A report released Monday says the campaign has killed scores of civilians, destroyed property and displaced more than 70,000 people -- mostly from the ethnic Zaghawa and Fur communities linked to rebel groups.
  • 星期一發佈的一份報告稱,襲擊活動已經導致數十名平民死亡,財產被損毀,並致使 7 萬多人流離失所,這些活動大部分針對的是與反叛組織有關聯的扎格哈瓦族和富爾族。

  •   Human Rights Watch is urging the U.N. Security Council and the African Union to pressure Sudan to stop the attacks and to do more to ensure those responsible for war crimes are held accountable.
  • 人權觀察敦促聯合國安理會和非盟向蘇丹施壓來制止襲擊,並加強工作確保把那些為戰爭罪負責的人繩之以法。

  •   HRW's Africa director, Daniel Bekele, said it is is especially important to step up pressure now, a month before Sudan splits in two.
  • 人權觀察非洲負責人貝克爾說,此刻馬上加大施壓尤為重要,因為現在距離蘇丹一分為二僅剩一個月時間。


  • (2011-06-06) ------

  • Kan Resignation Battle Threatens Japanese Reconstruction Bills
  • 菅直人辭職之爭威脅日本震災重建法案
  •   Crucial legislation to finance Japan's post-earthquake reconstruction is at risk amid a political struggle over the timing of Prime Minister Naoto Kan's planned resignation.
  • 資助日本震後重建的關鍵立法被卷入有關日本首相菅直人計劃辭職時機的政治爭鬥中。

  •   Leaders of Mr. Kan's Democratic Party of Japan said after talks with the prime minister Sunday that Mr. Kan wants to remain in office long enough to try to push the bills through the current session of parliament.
  • 菅直人所在的日本民主黨的領導人與首相星期天會晤後說,菅直人希望在推動有關立法在議會目前的會期中通過以後才辭職。

  •   However, leaders of the opposition Liberal Democratic Party want Mr. Kan to resign sooner, saying the bills should be introduced by a new government that will be in place to oversee their implementation.
  • 但是,反對黨自民黨的領導人要求菅直人盡早辭職,稱應由新政府通過有關法案並監督法案落實。

  •   The LDP controls the upper house and has the power to block the bills.
  • 自民黨控制日本國會上議院,有能力阻止這些法案。

  •   Top officials of both parties said on national television Sunday they could support a grand coalition, which would remain in place long enough to deal with the effects of the massive March 11 earthquake and tsunami.
  • 兩黨高級官員星期天在全國電視節目中說,雙方可以支持建立一個大同盟,保持足夠長的時間,直到 3 月 11 日大地震和海嘯的救災工作完成。


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