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六月份 第 05 課

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  • (2013-06-06) ------

  • 6 Killed in Philadelphia Building Collapse
  • 費城拆除一座建築發生事故 6 人死亡
  •   Rescue workers in Philadelphia Pennsylvania continue to look for survivors Thursday, a day after a four-story building under demolition collapsed into a neighboring thrift store, killing six people.
  • 救援人員星期四在賓州的費城繼續尋找倖存者;一天前,一座四層建築在拆除時倒向相鄰的一家舊貨店,造成 6 人死亡。

  •   Late Wednesday, a woman was found in the rubble more than 10 hours after the accident, raising the number of survivors to at least 14.
  • 星期三晚上,事故發生 10 多個小時後,在廢墟中發現一名女子,致使倖存者的人數增加到至少 14 個。

  •   City officials say there were no existing violations on the building. They say the demolition company had proper permits for the work it was doing in downtown Philadelphia.
  • 費城市政官員說,對那座建築的拆除不存在違規行為,拆房公司具有在費城市區從事作業的許可證。

  •   Authorities say they do not know how many people were in the thrift store or on the sidewalk when the accident happened Wednesday.
  • 有關當局說,不知道在星期三事故發生時有多少人在舊貨店裏和人行道上。


  • (2013-06-06) ------

  • S. Korea Accepts North's Offer to Hold Talks
  • 南韓接受朝鮮舉行談判的建議
  •   South Korea has accepted an offer by the North to hold official talks, in a sign that tensions continue to cool following weeks of deteriorating relations on the Korean peninsula.
  • 南韓接受了朝鮮有關舉行正式會談的建議,顯示朝鮮半島南北雙方的關係在持續數星期惡化之後,繼續呈現緩和跡象。

  •   Pyongyang's Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea unexpectedly offered Thursday to hold talks on a pair of stalled joint commercial projects. It also suggested talks were possible on humanitarian issues.
  • 星期四,平壤的祖國和平統一委員會出人意料地建議雙方就兩個陷於停滯狀態的商業項目舉行會談,並提出就人道問題舉行會談的可能性。

  •   Seoul's unification ministry quickly accepted the offer, saying it hopes the talks can help build trust between the two neighbors.
  • 南韓統一部迅速表示接受朝鮮方面的建議,並表示希望會談有助於建立彼此間的信任。

  •   It said it will soon announce the date, agenda, and other details of the discussions.
  • 南韓統一部說,將很快宣佈會談的日期、日程以及其他有關細節。

  •   The South had previously said it was open to working-level talks, but was reluctant to commit to wide-ranging discussions unless the North agreed to abandon its nuclear weapons program.
  • 南韓曾經表示,願意舉行工作級別的會談,但除非朝鮮同意放棄其核武器項目,否則就不承諾進行範圍廣泛的討論。

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