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六月份 第 07 課

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  • (2013-06-11) ------

  • 美國監控
  •   The U.S. government is investigating whether the disclosure of a highly classified U.S. surveillance program by Edward Snowden was criminal.
  • 美國政府調查愛德華‧斯諾頓洩密案是否屬於刑事犯罪。

  •   Snowden said Sunday he is the source for news reports of the U.S. National Security Agency's monitoring of phone calls and Internet data for threats of terrorism, a program the Obama administration says keeps America safe from terrorists.
  • 斯諾登星期天說,是他把國家安全局監查電話和網路數據的消息透露給媒體的;歐巴馬政府說,這個項目保護美國人的安全,使他們免受恐怖主義攻擊。

  •   Meanwhile, European officials are examining the spy programs and whether they violated local privacy protections.
  • 與此同時,歐洲官員也在審查本國的情報項目,看其是否侵犯了當地的隱私保護。

  •   European governments have been trying to explain whether they let Washington spy on their citizens or benefited from snooping that would be illegal at home.
  • 歐洲政府還要解釋他們是否允許美國情報部門對歐洲國家的公民進行偵察,並從歐洲國家認為是非法的偵探中獲益。

  •   EU officials in Brussels pledged to seek answers from U.S. diplomats at a ministerial meeting later this week in Dublin.
  • 布魯塞爾的歐盟官員表示要在本星期晚些時候在都柏林召開的會議上向美國外交官提問。

  •   In Washington, lawmakers say they are looking at potential ways to keep the United States safe from terror attacks without giving up privacy protections.
  • 在華盛頓,美國議員說,他們在研究有哪些辦法可以避免美國免受恐怖主義襲擊同時又能保護公民的隱私權。

  •   Snowden's whereabouts are unknown since he checked out of a Hong Kong hotel on Monday.
  • 斯諾登星期一結帳離開香港一家旅館後下落不明。

  •   He said he will seek asylum in any country that believes in free speech and global privacy.
  • 他曾表示要到堅信言論自由和全球隱私權的國家尋求庇護。


  • (2013-06-11) ------

  • 朝鮮南韓會談
  •   North and South Korea are making final preparations for two days of rare, high-level government negotiations that begin Wednesday in Seoul.
  • 朝鮮和南韓在為星期三的高級別會談做最後準備,為期兩天的談判定於星期三在首爾開始。

  •   It is still unclear what representatives the countries will send to the talks, which figure to be the most significant between the two Koreas in years.
  • 目前還不清楚雙方將派哪些官員作為談判代表;這將是朝鮮和南韓多年來最重要的一次談判。

  •   The North has backed down from an earlier agreement that would refer to the talks as "ministerial-level."
  • 雙方早些時候把談判定為部長級會談,但朝鮮後來改變立場。

  •   Both sides now say they will send other senior-level government officials who are yet to be identified. The two foes have not held ministerial-level talks since 2007.
  • 現在雙方都表示將派遣其他高級別政府官員;朝鮮和南韓自 2007 年以來一直沒有舉行過部長級會談。

  •   South Korean President Park Geun-hye said Tuesday she hopes the talks produce long-lasting peace on the Korean peninsula.
  • 南韓總統樸槿惠星期二說,她希望會談能給朝鮮半島帶來持久和平。

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