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六月份 第 08 課

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  • (2013-06-12) ------

  • South Korea Blames North for Cancelled Talks
  • 南韓將取消南北會談歸咎於朝鮮
  •   South Korea's unification minister says the cancellation of high-level talks with the North is an unfortunate but necessary part of its new relationship with Pyongyang.
  • 南韓統一部部長柳吉在說,取消首爾與平壤的高層會談令人遺憾,但這是雙方新關係中的必要組成部份。

  •   The talks, which were to be held Wednesday in Seoul, were called off at the last minute because of what appears to be a relatively minor disagreement over who would represent each country.
  • 會談本來定於星期三在首爾舉行,但在最後一刻取消了會談計劃,看來原因是圍繞代表團團長人選問題的相對較小的分歧。

  •   Unification minister Ryoo Kihl-jae said Wednesday the blame for the cancelled talks lies with the North, which he said must show sincerity if it wants improved relations with Seoul.
  • 柳吉在星期三說,取消會談的責任在朝鮮方面;他表示,如果朝鮮希望改善與首爾的關係,就必須展示誠意。

  •   South Korean officials say the North refused to send officials to the talks because it was offended by the South's nomination of a vice-minister, rather than minister, as its chief delegate.
  • 南韓官員說,朝鮮拒絕派遣官員參加會談,原因是平壤對南韓任命一名副部長而不是部長擔任代表團團長感到不滿。

  •   Just days earlier, Pyongyang had rejected Seoul's offer to hold minister-level negotiations, which the two Koreas have not held since 2007. There has been no public statement by the North on the status of the talks.
  • 就在一天前,平壤拒絕接受首爾有關舉行部長級談判的提議;自 2007 年以來,南韓和朝鮮一直沒有舉行過部長級談判;朝鮮沒有就舉行會談事宜發表任何公開聲明。

  •   Seoul said Wednesday that North Korea is not answering an inter-governmental hotline that Pyongyang restored last week in an effort to coordinate the negotiations.
  • 首爾星期三表示,南韓使用了雙方政府間的熱線,但朝鮮方面沒有接聽;平壤上星期恢復了這一熱線,以便就談判事宜進行協調。


  • (2013-06-12) ------

  • US, Britain to Discuss Syria Amid Reports of Sectarian Killings
  • 敘發生教派屠殺 克里黑格討論敘利亞局勢
  •   U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry hosts his British counterpart for talks Wednesday on Syria, as activists report anti-government rebels killed dozens of Shi'ites in a town in eastern Deir el-Zour province.
  • 美國國務卿克里星期三在華盛頓與到訪的英國外交大臣黑格舉行會談,主要議題是敘利亞局勢。

  •   The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a pro-opposition monitoring group that has reported abuses on both sides of the conflict, told VOA most of the 60 victims in the town of Hatla late Tuesday were pro-government Shi'ite militiamen.
  • 與此同時, 人權組織說,反政府武裝在敘利亞代爾祖爾省東部的一個城鎮殺害了幾十名什葉派穆斯林;親反政府武裝的敘利亞人權瞭望告訴美國之音,60 名受害者中,大都是親政府的什葉派民兵。

  •   A video posted online by rebels showed dozens of gunmen carrying black Islamist flags celebrating and firing guns as smoke curled above several buildings in Hatla.
  • 反政府武裝在網路上公佈的錄影顯示,幾十名槍手舉著黑色的伊斯蘭教主義旗幟,開槍慶祝;哈特拉的幾座建築冒著煙。

  •   The Observatory said rebels secured control of the town and burned down a number of houses in the Shi'ite district. Shi'ite civilians then fled.
  • 敘利亞人權瞭望說,反政府武裝佔領哈特拉後焚燒了什葉派穆斯林地區的幾座住宅;當地的什葉派穆斯林紛紛逃離。

  •   A Syrian government official denounced the attack, calling it a "massacre" of civilians.
  • 敘利亞政府官員譴責襲擊是 “大規模屠殺平民”。

  •   In Washington, Kerry and British Foreign Secretary William Hague will consider potential steps to achieve their goal of establishing a transitional government in Syria to lead the country out of more than two years of turmoil.
  • 在克里與黑格舉行這次會談之際,美英兩國正在考慮採取哪些步驟來實現成立一個敘利亞過渡政府的目標,由過渡政府帶領敘利亞擺脫持續兩年多的混亂局面。

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