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六月份 第 13 課

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  • (2013-06-19) ------

  • Obama to Promote Nuclear-Free World in Berlin Speech
  • 歐巴馬將在柏林演講 推動世界無核化
  •   U.S. President Barack Obama is set to lay out his vision for advancing toward a world free of nuclear weapons during a speech Wednesday at the historic Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬星期三即將在具有歷史意義的柏林勃蘭登堡門發表演講,提出爭取實現世界無核化的設想。

  •   Hours before the planned address, Mr. Obama met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel for talks that covered, among other things, U.S. Internet surveillance.
  • 在計劃開始演講的幾個小時前,歐巴馬會晤了德國總理默克爾,會談的各項議題包括美國的網際網路監控項目問題。

  •   In a joint news conference afterwards, Mrs. Merkel said that while "enemies and opponents" can use the Internet to threaten democracy, she had stressed to the U.S president that there should be "balance and proportionality" between the need to monitor threats and to preserve a "liberal order."
  • 在會晤後的聯合記者會上,默克爾說,雖然 “敵人和對手” 也會利用網際網路威脅民主,但是她對美國總統歐巴馬強調說,在監視威脅與維護 “自由秩序” 之間,應當保持 “平衡與比例適度”。

  •   Mr. Obama, for his part, called the U.S. Internet surveillance program "circumscribed" and "narrow," insisting that U.S. intelligence agencies are not "rifling through ordinary emails" of "German citizens or American citizens or anyone else" and that the Internet and telephone surveillance programs are under federal court supervision.
  • 歐巴馬則說,美國的網際網路監視項目是 “有限度的” 和“狹窄的”;他堅持說,美國情報機構不會查看德國、美國或任何國家普通公民的電郵,網路與電話監控項目是在聯邦法庭監督之下進行的。

  •   He said his administration has struck "the appropriate balance" between protecting the American people and preserving "civil liberty and privacy."
  • 他說,他的政府在保護美國人民與維持 “民權自由和隱私” 之間找到了 “適度的平衡”。

  •   He also reiterated that the surveillance programs have "saved lives."
  • 他還重申,監控項目 “挽救了生命”。


  • (2013-06-19) ------

  • “Most Wanted” US Fugitive Arrested in Mexico
  • 被列通緝要犯的美教授在墨西哥落網
  •   A former U.S. college professor who was recently placed on the FBI's notorious list of most wanted criminals has been arrested in Mexico.
  • 一名前美國大學教授在墨西哥被捕,他最近被列入聯邦調查局通緝要犯名單。

  •   Authorities say Walter Lee Williams was captured late Tuesday in the southern resort city of Playa del Carmen, just one day after he was placed on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list.
  • 當局說,沃爾特‧李‧威廉斯星期二晚間在墨西哥南部的度假城市卡門海灘被捕;僅僅在一天前他剛剛被列入聯調局十大通緝犯名單。

  •   The 64-year-old is facing four charges related to the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.
  • 今年 64 歲的他面臨四項對兒童進行性虐待和性剝削的指控。

  •   Williams is alleged to have traveled to the Philippines in 2011 to engage in sexual acts with two 14-year-old boys he met online the year before.
  • 據稱,威廉斯曾於 2011 年到菲律賓旅行,與他一年前在網上結識的兩名 14 歲少年發生性行為。

  •   He is also accused of taking sexually explicit photos of one of the boys.
  • 他還被控拍攝其中一名男孩的露骨色情照片。

  •   Until 2011, Williams was an anthropology professor at the University of Southern California, where his field of study was gender development.
  • 在 2011 年之前,威廉斯曾經是南加州大學的教授,專業是人類學,研究領域是性別發展。

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