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六月份 第 14 課

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  • (2013-06-20) ------

  • China, Russia Slam US Report on Human Trafficking
  • 中俄抨擊美國人口販運報告把兩國降級
  •   China and Russia are slamming a U.S. report that cited both countries among the world's worst in fighting sex trafficking and forced labor.
  • 中國和俄羅斯抨擊美國有關人口販賣的報告把兩國列入在打擊色情人口販賣和強制勞工方面做得最差的國家之列。

  •   In its annual report on human trafficking Wednesday, the U.S. State Department dropped Beijing and Moscow to its lowest possible rating, putting them at the same level as North Korea and Iran.
  • 美國國務院星期三公佈了有關國際人口販運的年度報告,把北京和莫斯科的評級降到最低水準,使中俄與朝鮮和伊朗並列。

  •   A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson on Thursday called the report "arbitrary," saying Washington should take an "objective and partial" view of its efforts to fight human trafficking.
  • 中國外交部發言人星期四在北京說,中國為打擊人口販運進行了 “實實在在” 的努力並取得了 “有目共睹” 的成效,別的國家沒有資格以權威自居進行評級。

  •   In Moscow, Russia's foreign ministry suggested the State Department was simply ranking countries according to their degree of sympathy with Washington.
  • 在莫斯科,俄羅斯外交部示意,美國國務院只不過是按照各國對華盛頓的好感程度來給各國評級。

  •   It threatened to retaliate against any sanctions that could result from the designation.
  • 俄羅斯威脅說,如果美國因為評級降低而實施任何制裁,俄方將予以報復。


  • (2013-06-20) ------

  • China Sentences Uighurs to Jail on 'Religious Extremism' Charges
  • 中國法院判處 19 名維族人徒刑
  •   Chinese courts in the predominantly Muslim, northwest region of Xinjiang have sentenced 19 ethnic Uighurs to prison for inciting religious extremism and other related charges.
  • 在中國新疆維吾爾族自治區,法院判處 19 名維族人徒刑,他們被控煽動宗教極端主義以及其他罪名。

  •   The official Legal Daily said Thursday the toughest sentence of six years in jail was given to a suspect who posted Internet material promoting holy war and ethnic hatred.
  • 中國官方的法制報星期四說,刑期最長的一名被告被判 6 年監禁,他被控在網際網路上發佈鼓動聖戰和煽動民族仇恨的材料。

  •   Some of the other suspects, it said, were given between two and five years in jail on other charges, including creating a public nuisance and spreading rumors online.
  • 法制報說,其他一些被告因其他罪名被判兩至 5 年監禁,罪名包括在公共場合滋事以及在網上散佈謠言。

  •   While the report did not specify the ethnicity of the suspects, their names indicated they were from the Turkic-speaking, predominantly Muslim Uighur community.
  • 報導中沒有說明這些被告所屬的民族,但其姓名顯示他們來自維吾爾族穆斯林居住的地區。

  •   China says it faces a growing threat from Uighur extremists who want to form a separate state called East Turkistan.
  • 中國說,目前面臨著來自維族極端份子的威脅,他們企圖建立一個名為 “東突厥斯坦” 的獨立國家。

  •   Many rights groups say Beijing is exaggerating the threat to justify its heavy police presence and close monitoring or Muslim institutions.
  • 很多人權組織說,北京誇大這一威脅,以證明對穆斯林組織實行高壓政策以及嚴密監視的合理性。

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