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六月份 第 17 課

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  • (2013-06-25) ------

  • Websites in North, South Korea Targeted by Hackers
  • 朝鮮半島南北雙方網站均遭駭客襲擊
  •   Several South Korean and North Korean government websites came under attack Tuesday, apparently by international hacking activists, on the sensitive anniversary of the start of the Korean War.
  • 南韓和朝鮮政府的好幾家網站星期二都遭到襲擊,這顯然是國際駭客在敏感的朝鮮戰爭爆發週年日所為。

  •   Seoul's science ministry said unidentified hackers attacked several government websites, including that of the presidential Blue House, as well as some news media servers.
  • 首爾的科學部說,身份不明的駭客襲擊了幾處政府網站,包括總統府青瓦台網站,還有幾家新聞媒體的伺服器遇襲。

  •   It issued a cyber attack alert, warning officials and citizens to take extra computer security measures.
  • 南韓科學部發佈了網路襲擊警告,敦促官員和民眾加強電腦安全措施。

  •   In North Korea, several government-run websites also temporarily went down, including the Korean Central News Agency and the Rodung Sinmun newspaper.
  • 在北邊的朝鮮,幾家官辦網站也短暫當機,包括朝鮮中央通訊社和報紙《勞動新聞》的網站。

  •   Pyongyang has not yet commented on the outages.
  • 平壤還沒有就網站被駭一事發表評論。


  • (2013-06-25) ------

  • Taliban Stage Brazen Assault Near Afghan Presidential Palace
  • 塔利班在阿總統府外發動大膽襲擊
  •   Afghan authorities say Taliban militants have carried out a brazen attack near the presidential palace in Kabul, killing three security guards before all of the assailants were killed.
  • 阿富汗官員說,塔利班激進份子在喀布爾的總統府附近發動了一次大膽的襲擊,打死三名保安人員,襲擊者最後全都斃命。

  •   The Taliban claimed responsibility for the early Tuesday morning assault, during which explosions and gunfire rang out in a heavily fortified area of the capital that also houses the defense ministry and the U.S. Embassy.
  • 塔利班宣稱對星期二早晨的襲擊負責;襲擊期間,總統府附近地段爆炸聲和槍聲大作;阿富汗國防部和美國大使館也位於這處戒備森嚴的地段。

  •   Authorities said the attackers approached the presidential palace in two vehicles laden with explosives. They said the occupants of one of the vehicles bluffed their way through a checkpoint by presenting false papers and wearing military-style uniforms.
  • 當局說,襲擊者坐著兩輛滿載爆炸物的汽車靠近總統府,其中一輛車上的人身穿軍服手持假證件,騙過了一道檢查崗。

  •   Afghan officials said the second car was stopped outside the gate when assailants in both vehicles began shooting and setting off their explosives.
  • 阿富汗官員說,第二輛車在大門外被攔下,這時,兩輛車裏的人開始射擊並引爆身上的炸藥。

  •   The assault came as reporters were gathering at the palace for a press event with Afghan President Hamid Karzai.
  • 襲擊事件發生時,記者們正聚集在總統府,等候阿富汗總統卡爾扎伊舉行新聞發佈會。

  •   The whereabouts of Mr. Karzai, who lives in the building, were not immediately clear.
  • 卡爾扎伊就住在總統府。他的去向暫時不明。

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