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六月份 第 18 課

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  • (2013-06-26) ------

  • China Shenzhou-10 spacecraft touched down safely
  • 神舟 10 號太空船週三安全著陸
  •   China has completed its longest manned space mission yet, marking an important step toward the goal of building its own space station.
  • 中國持續時間最長的載人航空使命已經完成,從而向實現建立本國太空站的目標邁出了重要的一步。

  •   The return capsule of the Shenzhou-10 spacecraft touched down safely early Wednesday in China's remote Inner Mongolia region. The three astronauts aboard waved and smiled for after emerging from the capsule.
  • 星期三早晨,神舟 10 號太空船在偏遠的內蒙古地區安全著陸;3 名宇航員走出神舟 10 號時招手微笑。

  •   During their 15 days in space, the astronauts successfully docked with and carried out other tests on the Tiangong-1 experimental space module. China hopes the orbiting lab can serve as a prototype for a permanent space station that it hopes to build by 2020.
  • 在持續 15 天的太空過程中,3 名宇航員成功地與太空實驗室天宮 1 號對接,並在天宮 1 號上進行了其他實驗;中國將天宮 1 號做為永久性太空站的模型,並希望在 2020 年之前建成一個永久性太空站。


  • (2013-06-26) ------

  • Kevin Rudd won Labor Party leadership
  • 澳前總理陸克文捲土重來贏回工黨領袖職位
  •   Australia's former leader Kevin Rudd has won a Labor Party leadership vote over Prime Minister Julia Gillard, in a move expected to result in the country's first female leader quitting politics.
  • 澳大利亞前總理陸克文 (Kevin Rudd) 擊敗現任總理朱莉婭‧吉拉德,贏得了工黨領袖的選舉;預計這將導致澳大利亞首位女總理告別政治舞台。

  •   Mr. Rudd won the support his fellow lawmakers 57 to 45 in a caucus vote Wednesday, meaning he will lead the party into September general elections in which it is expected to suffer heavy losses.
  • 陸克文在星期三舉行的議會黨團投票中以 57 比 45 票贏得工黨議員的支援,這意味著他將領導工黨參加今年 9 月舉行的大選;預計工黨將在這次選舉中慘敗。

  •   Mrs. Gillard challenged Mr. Rudd to the snap vote earlier Wednesday, promising to resign from politics if she lost.
  • 星期三早些時候,吉拉德挑戰陸克文,臨時宣佈提前舉行黨內選舉。她承諾,她如果敗選,就將告別政壇。

  •   She made no immediate comment following the vote. She is expected to resign Thursday, with Mr. Rudd replacing her as prime minister.
  • 選舉結束後,吉拉德沒有就此立即發表評論;預計她將於星期四辭職,陸克文將取代她繼任總理。

  •   The move comes after Mr. Rudd's supporters were said to be preparing a separate party caucus in an attempt to oust Mrs. Gillard, who was the country's first female prime minister.
  • 選舉之前,陸克文的支援者據說準備另立黨團,以推翻總理吉拉德;吉拉德是澳大利亞首位女總理。

  •   Mr. Rudd served as prime minister from November 2007 until June 2010, when was ousted by Mrs. Gillard.
  • 陸克文曾於 2007 至 2010 年擔任總理,後被吉拉德取代。

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