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六月份 第 20 課

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  • (2013-06-28) ------

  • Obama Heads to South Africa
  • 歐巴馬前往南非
  •   U.S. President Barack Obama is on his way to South Africa, continuing a three-nation African tour aimed at expanding U.S. engagement on the continent.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬前往南非,繼續非洲 3 國之行,這次訪問的目的是擴大美國與非洲國家的交往。

  •   Mr. Obama departed Senegal Friday, after a two-day visit where he met with President Macky Sall and promoted democracy and rule of law.
  • 歐巴馬總統星期五離開塞內加爾,結束了對這個國家為期兩天的訪問;他在那裏會晤了塞內加爾總統薩勒,提出倡導民主和法治的理念。

  •   The president also made an emotional visit to Goree Island, a symbol of the 18th century slave trade.
  • 歐巴馬總統還參觀了戈雷島,該島是 18 世紀奴隸販運的象徵地。

  •   It is not clear whether the South African leg of Mr. Obama's trip will include a visit with anti-apartheid legend Nelson Mandela, who is critically ill in a Pretoria hospital.
  • 目前還不清楚歐巴馬在訪問南非期間是否將探視反種族隔離傳奇人物曼德拉;曼德拉住在比勒陀利亞一家醫院,病情危重。

  •   White House officials said Thursday any such visit would be up to the Mandela family.
  • 白宮官員星期四說,歐巴馬是否前往探視將取決於曼德拉的家人。

  •   On Saturday, President Obama plans to visit Robben Island, the prison where Mr. Mandela spent much of his 27 years behind bars.
  • 星期六,歐巴馬總統計劃訪問羅本島,曼德拉曾在那裏度過 27 年的監獄鐵窗生涯。

  •   President Obama paid tribute to the ailing former South African leader Thursday, calling him a "hero for the world."
  • 歐巴馬總統星期四向病情垂危的前南非領導人曼德拉表達敬意,稱他為 “全世界的英雄”。


  • (2013-06-28) ------

  • China Sex Scandal Official Gets Prison for Bribery
  • 中國性醜聞官員以受賄罪被判刑
  •   A court in southeastern China has sentenced a former government official to 13 years in prison on a bribery conviction.
  • 中國東南地區的一家法院以受賄罪判處前政府官員雷政富13 年監禁。

  •   The official Xinhua news agency says the court in the municipality of Chongqing handed down the sentence Friday to Lei Zhenfu, the former top official of one of the city's districts.
  • 中國官方的新華社說,重慶市一家法院星期五對重慶一個區的主要官員雷政富做出上述判決。

  •   His punishment also includes the confiscation of personal assets and a fine of $48,000.
  • 他(雷政富) 還被判處沒收個人財產以及相當於 4 萬 8 千美元的罰款。

  •   Lei became notorious after a video of him having sex with a mistress was released on the Internet late last year.
  • 去年年底,雷政富與一名情婦的性愛影片出現在網上後,他的醜聞被曝光。

  •   Chinese media said the video was part of a scheme by property developers to bribe and blackmail government officials.
  • 中國媒體說,拍攝這段影片是房地產商為賄賂和訛詐政府官員而設下的圈套。

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