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九月份 第 09 課

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  • (2013-09-12)------

  • Kerry, Lavrov to Work Out Plan for Syria's Chemical Weapons
  • 克里將與俄羅斯外長討論消除敘利亞化武威脅方案
  •   U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov are meeting Thursday in Geneva to work on Russia's plan to end the threat posed by Syria's chemical weapons.
  • 美國國務卿克里和俄羅斯外交部長拉伕羅夫星期四將在日內瓦舉行會談,討論俄羅斯提出的消除敘利亞化學武器威脅方案。

  •   Neither Kerry nor Lavrov have given any details of the proposal.
  • 克里和拉伕羅夫均未透露有關這項方案的細節。

  •   It involves President Bashar al-Assad's government giving up all of its chemical weapons to the United Nations to have them destroyed.
  • 這一方案的要點是敘利亞總統阿薩德將其全部化武交付聯合國銷毀。

  •   At the same time, the United States would set aside plans for a military strike.
  • 與此同時,美國將擱置對敘利亞進行軍事打擊的計劃。

  •   Ahead of the meeting, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed in a New York Times opinion piece the need to work through the United Nations and not conduct unilateral military action in Syria.
  • 會談舉行之前,俄羅斯總統普京在紐約時報發表評論文章,強調必須通過聯合國進行運作,而不能單方面對敘利亞採取軍事行動。

  •   President Barack Obama has blamed Syrian forces for using poison gas against civilians last month near Damascus.
  • 美國總統歐巴馬指責敘利亞政府軍上月在大馬士革附近對平民使用毒氣。

  •   He says U.S. ships in the Mediterranean region are holding their current positions, to keep pressure on the Syrians to live up to any agreement.
  • 他說,地中海海域的美國軍艦繼續停留在目前的位置,以迫使敘利亞當局執行協議。

  •   Kerry has said reaching any agreement to remove the chemical-weapons threat in Syria will be "exceedingly difficult."
  • 克里曾經表示,達成消除敘利亞化武威脅的任何協議都將是 “極其困難” 的。


  • (2013-09-12)------

  • N. Korea Nuke Reactor Likely Restarted
  • 朝鮮核反應爐可能恢復運作
  •   A Washington-based research group says North Korea has likely restarted a plutonium reactor, possibly making good on a pledge to expand its nuclear weapons program.
  • 華盛頓的一個研究機構說,朝鮮很可能重新啟動了一座反應爐,或許平壤正在履行自己的誓言,擴大其核武器項目。

  •   The U.S.-Korea Institute at Johns Hopkins University based its conclusion on recent satellite photos that appear to show white steam emerging from a building near the reactor at the North's main Yongbyon nuclear complex.
  • 約翰‧霍普金斯大學的美韓研究所根據最近的衛星圖片做出了上述結論;衛星圖片顯示,朝鮮主要的寧邊核設施反應爐附近的一座建築裏冒出白色氣體。

  •   The reactor was shut down in 2007 under an aid-for-disarmament deal.
  • 按照一項以援助換去核化協議,這座反應爐於 2007 年關閉。

  •   But in April, Pyongyang warned it would restart all operations at Yongbyon to boost its nuclear force in both "quantity and quality."
  • 但平壤今年 4 月警告說,將全面恢復寧邊核設施的運作,以便從 “數量和品質” 兩方面增強其核能力。

  •   The institute's researchers say the color and the volume of the white steam seen emerging from the building in the August 31 commercial satellite photos suggest the reactor has been put back into operation.
  • 美韓研究所的報告說,從 8 月 31 日拍攝到的商業衛星圖片來看,那座建築中冒出氣體的量及顏色顯示反應爐正在運作。

  •   South Korean officials say they are still working to find out if the reactor has been restarted.
  • 南韓官員說,他們仍在努力尋找這座反應爐是否啟動的證據。

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