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九月份 第 19 課

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  • (2013-09-26)------

  • Iran, World Powers Set for Talks on Nuclear Issue
  • 世界強國與伊朗官員會晤,計劃重啟 5 加 1 會談
  •   World leaders hold nuclear talks Thursday with Iran's top diplomat, amid fresh signs Tehran is looking to negotiate a settlement to the dispute.
  • 美英等國官員星期四與伊朗高級外交官舉行會談,與此同時,德黑蘭顯示出尋求談判解決問題的新的跡象。

  •   The meeting on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly is aimed at restarting the so-called P5+1 nuclear talks, which were last held in April.
  • 在聯合國大會間隙舉行會晤的目的是重啟今年 4 月最後舉行的所謂 5 加 1 會談。

  •   It will mark the highest level interaction in six years between Washington and Tehran, as U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his Iranian counterpart Javad Zarif attend the meeting, along with officials from Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany.
  • 美國國務卿克里和伊朗外長賈瓦德‧扎里夫出席了會晤,這是六年來華盛頓與德黑蘭之間最高級別的交往;來自英國、法國、中國、俄羅斯和德國的官員也出席了會晤。

  •   The talks comes a day after Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said he wants a deal with the West on his country's nuclear program in three to six months.
  • 舉行這次會晤的前一天,伊朗總統魯哈尼說,他希望在三到六個月時間內與西方國家就伊朗核項目問題達成協定。

  •   President Rouhani told the Washington Post Wednesday the "only way forward" is for a timeline to be inserted into the talks, saying a quicker deal is "more beneficial to everyone."
  • 魯哈尼總統星期三對華盛頓郵報表示,為談判設立時間表是 “取得進展的唯一途徑”;他說更快地解決這個問題 “對所有各方都更為有利”。

  •   Mr. Rouhani also said Iran is willing to take unspecified transparency measures to show its uranium enrichment program is peaceful.
  • 魯哈尼還表示,伊朗願意採取他沒有具體說明的透明措施,展示其鈾濃縮項目是用於和平目的。


  • (2013-09-26)------

  • Son of Chinese Military Singers Gets 10 Years for Gang Rape
  • 李天一因輪姦罪被判 10 年徒刑
  •   The teenage son of two well-known Chinese military singers has been convicted of gang rape and sentenced to 10 years in prison.
  • 法院認定李天一輪姦罪名成立,他被判處 10 年徒刑;李天一是中國軍隊著名歌手的兒子。

  •   A Beijing court Thursday found 17-year-old Li Tianyi and four others guilty of sexually assaulting a woman at a hotel in the capital in February.
  • 星期四,北京一家法院判定現年 17 歲的李天一和其他四名被告今年 2 月在北京一家酒店性侵一名女子。

  •   Li argued he was drunk and not aware of what happened with the woman, whom the boys met at a Beijing hotel. His family said it was a case of prostitution.
  • 李天一在法庭上辯解說,他當時喝醉了,不知道對那位女子做了什麼;李天一的家人說,這是一起嫖娼案。

  •   But the court found Li dragged the woman into the hotel, demanded she disrobe and was the first to forcibly have sex with her.
  • 但法庭認定李天一將那名女子拉進酒店,要求她脫下衣服,並率先強姦了她。

  •   Only one of the five defendants was an adult. The sentences against the others ranged from three to 12 years in jail.
  • 在五名被告中,只有一個成年人;其他被告被判處三年至 12 年徒刑。

  •   The case was closely watched in China, where many are outraged at over the behavior of China's elite leaders, who are often viewed as corrupt.
  • 這一案件在中國受到密切關注,很多人對中國高層領導人的行為感到憤怒,這些領導人常常被認為行為腐敗。

  •   Li's father, General Li Shuangjiang of the People's Liberation Army ((PLA)), has gained popularity by singing patriotic songs on television. His mother is also a famous singer in the PLA.
  • 李天一的父親李雙江是中國人民解放軍的將軍,他因唱愛國歌曲而著名,他的母親也是著名的軍隊歌手。

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