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十二月份 第 01 課

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  • (2013-12-02)------

  • Biden Heading to Asia
  • 拜登出訪亞洲
  •   U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is on a six-day visit to Asia at a time of increased tensions with China over a just-declared air defense zone.
  • 美國副總統拜登對亞洲進行為期六天的訪問,目前美國和中國的關係因中國最近宣佈設立防空識別區而趨於緊張。

  •   Biden begins his trip Monday in Japan and will also visit China and South Korea.
  • 拜登星期一首先訪問日本,隨後還將訪問中國和南韓。

  •   The White House says his visit is aimed at reaffirming the U.S. as a Pacific power, promoting economic and trade interests, and its commitment to rebalancing U.S. foreign policy in the Asia-Pacific.
  • 白宮說,拜登此次出訪是為了再次強調美國作為太平洋地區強國的地位、促進經貿利益以及致力於調整美國在亞太地區的外交政策。

  •   Biden will meet with Chinese President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang.
  • 拜登將會晤中國國家主席習近平和李克強總理。

  •   The White House says Biden will seek to advance the high-level engagement that is the hallmark of U.S.-Chinese relations.
  • 白宮說,拜登將尋求推動美中兩國的高層接觸,這種接觸是美中關係的一個特點。

  •   But it says Biden will also discuss what it calls areas of concern, including regional tensions.
  • 白宮同時表示,拜登還將討論美方關注的問題,包括地區緊張局勢。

  •   Last month, China declared an air defense zone in the Pacific over islands claimed by both China and Japan.
  • 上個月,北京宣佈在中國和日本都宣稱擁有主權的太平洋島嶼上空設立防空識別區。

  •   China is demanding all planes submit flight plans before crossing the zone. Japan is refusing to comply.
  • 中國要求所有飛越該空域的飛機通報飛行計劃,而日本拒絕這樣做。

  •   The United States has already flown military jets across the zone ignoring China's demand, but is recommending U.S. commercial airliners inform the Chinese of their flight plans.
  • 美國無視中國的要求,已派遣軍用飛機飛越該空域,但建議美國商業航空公司向中國通報飛行計劃。

  • (2013-12-02)------

  • Thai PM Calls Opposition Demands Unconstitutional
  • 泰國總理稱反對派的要求違憲
  •   Thailand's prime minister says she cannot comply with demands by the anti-government opposition because they are unconstitutional.
  • 泰國總理英拉說,反對派的要求屬於違憲,因此她不能予以滿足。

  •   In a televised news conference on Monday, Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra confirmed that she met with anti-government protest leader Suthep Thaugsuban late Sunday.
  • 英拉在電視轉播的星期一記者會上證實,她星期日晚間與反政府抗議領導者素貼特素班進行了會談。

  •   She said the meeting was held under the auspices of the military, which says it is neutral in the conflict.
  • 她說,這次會晤是在軍方支援下進行的;泰國軍方表示在這場衝突中保持中立。

  •   She told reporters that Suthep's demands that she resign, dissolve parliament and turn the government over to an unelected "people's council" was not possible under the law.
  • 英拉對記者們說,素貼特素班要求她辭職、解散議會以及把政府權力交給一個不是通過選舉產生的 “人民委員會”,而依照法律,她不可能接受這些要求。

  •   The prime minister said she was willing to do anything she could to make people happy, but what she could do must be legal under the constitution.
  • 英拉說,她願做自己所能做的一切來使人民感到幸福,但她的所作所為必須符合憲法。

  •   Her comments came as police continued to fire tear gas, water cannon and rubber bullets at thousands of protesters trying to seize government buildings in Bangkok.
  • 在英拉發表上述評論之際,警察繼續使用催淚彈、高壓水龍和橡皮子彈阻止數千名抗議者佔領曼谷的政府辦公大樓。

  •   The protesters had set Sunday as "Victory Day" to topple Ms. Yingluck's government, but failed to achieve their goal of seizing the prime minister's office at Government House or occupying state buildings.
  • 抗議者原本把星期日定為 “勝利日”,計劃在這一天推翻英拉總理的政府,但他們未能達到佔領政府大樓總理辦公室以及其他政府機構的目的。

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