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十二月份 第 02 課

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  • (2013-12-03)------

  • Biden: US “Deeply Concerned” at China's Air Defense Zone
  • 拜登:美國對中國劃設空識區深為關切
  •   Vice President Joe Biden said the United States remains "deeply concerned" at China's newly declared air defense zone, as he met with Japanese leaders in Tokyo on Tuesday.
  • 美國副總統拜登說,美國仍然 “深為關切” 中國新公佈的防空識別區;他週二在東京會見了日本領導人。

  •   Speaking alongside Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Biden called the Chinese zone in the East China Sea "an attempt to unilaterally change the status quo."
  • 拜登與日本首相安倍晉三一同發表講話時把東中國海的中國空識區描述為 “單方面改變現狀的企圖”。

  •   He said it "has raised regional tension and increased the risk of accidents and miscalculations."
  • 他說, 該空識區 “加劇了地區緊張局勢,並增加了發生意外和誤判的風險 ”。

  •   Biden said he discussed the issue with Prime Minister Abe, and that he intends to "raise these concerns with great specificity, directly" when he meets with Chinese leaders in Beijing later this week.
  • 拜登說,他與安倍首相討論了這個問題,並表示他打算本週晚些時候在北京會見中國領導人時 “非常具體而直接地” 提出這些問題。

  •   China late last month set up its Air Defense Identification Zone, which overlaps with islands also claimed by U.S. ally Japan.
  • 中國上月底設立了其防空識別區,這個空識區與美國的盟友日本也聲稱擁有主權的島嶼重疊。

  •   China has requested that all airplanes submit flight plans ahead of flying through the zone.
  • 中國要求所有飛機在通過該區域之前提交飛行計劃。

  •   Biden said the move underscores the need for China and Japan to establish crisis management and confidence building measures to lower tensions, warning that the "only conflict that is worse than one that is intended is one that is unintended."
  • 拜登表示,此舉突顯了中國和日本有必要建立危機管理機制,採取增強信任的措施,以緩解緊張局勢;他警告說,“唯一比有意發生的衝突更壞的衝突,是無意發生的衝突。 ”


  • (2013-12-03)------

  • Seoul: Kim Jong Un Fires Uncle, Executes His Associates
  • 南韓:金正恩姑父被革職 其手下被處決
  •   South Korea's spy agency believes North Korean leader Kim Jong Un may have fired his uncle from a top military post and publicly executed some of his associates.
  • 南韓情報部門認為,朝鮮領導人金正恩可能已革除其姑父的高級軍事職務,並把他的一些親信公開處決。

  •   Lawmakers briefed by Seoul's National Intelligence Agency said Tuesday that Jang Song Thaek was apparently removed as vice chairman of the powerful National Defense Commission.
  • 接受南韓國家情報機構情況介紹的議員們星期二表示,張成澤顯然已經被革除了權力很大的國防委員會副委員長的職務。

  •   The lawmakers say the NIS believes two of Jang's closest aides were executed in mid-November and that he has not been seen since.
  • 議員們說,南韓情報機構認為,自從張成澤的兩名親信 11 月中旬被處決以來,張本人一直沒有公開露面。

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