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十二月份 第 10 課

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  • (2013-12-13)------

  • China Indicts Anti-Corruption Campaigner
  • 中國起訴反腐敗活動人士許志永
  •   Chinese prosecutors have indicted a prominent activist who founded a group that works within the system to promote political change.
  • 中國檢察機關正式對著名活動人士許志永提出起訴;許志永成立了一個組織,在體制內推動政治改革。

  •   The lawyer for Xu Zhiyong said Friday that prosecutors had formally charged his client with "disturbing public order," a common charge against rights activists who attempt any form of protest.
  • 許志永的律師星期五說,中國檢察官以 “擾亂公共秩序” 的罪名正式對許志永提出起訴;當局經常以這個罪名迫害尋求以任何方式表示抗議的人權活動人士。

  •   Xu founded the New Citizens Movement, a loose network of activists who have held small street rallies to urge officials to disclose their asset and called on citizens to fight corruption.
  • 許志永是 “新公民運動” 的創始人;參與這個運動的人士舉行小型街頭集會,要求官員公佈財產, 並呼籲中國公民反對腐敗。

  •   Xu was arrested in late August in a wide-ranging crackdown on peaceful dissent.
  • 許志永是 8 月下旬中國對和平抗議的異議人士展開普遍鎮壓的時候被逮捕的。


  • (2013-12-13)------

  • American Who Disappeared in Iran Worked for CIA: Reports
  • 據報在伊朗失蹤的美國人是為中情局工作
  •   Two U.S. media outlets are reporting that an American man who mysteriously disappeared nearly seven years ago in Iran was conducting a rogue operation for the CIA.
  • 兩家美國媒體報導說,將近七年前在伊朗境內神秘失蹤的一名美國男子是為美國中央情報局執行任務。

  •   The Associated Press and Washington Post say Robert Levinson was gathering intelligence for a group of CIA analysts who did not have authority to run overseas operations.
  • 美聯社和華盛頓郵報說,羅伯特‧萊文森為一組中情局分析員蒐集情報,而這些分析員沒有得到執行國外任務的授權。

  •   The ex-FBI agent disappeared in March 2007 while visiting the Iranian island of Kish, on what his family and U.S. government officials have described as a private business trip.
  • 前美國聯邦調查局特工萊文森於 2007 年 3 月失蹤,當時他在伊朗的基什島;萊文森的家人和美國政府官員說,他是因私人業務去基什島的。

  •   But the reports Thursday said Levinson was actually meeting with Dawud Salahuddin, who is wanted for the murder of an Iranian diplomat in the U.S. in 1980 and has close ties to Iranian leaders.
  • 但星期四的報導說,萊文森實際上是去基什島與達烏德‧薩拉胡丁會面;薩拉胡丁由於 1980 年參與在美國謀殺一名伊朗外交官而受到通緝,他與伊朗領導人關係密切。

  •   The reports say Levinson's lawyers discovered emails in which a CIA analyst assured Levinson before the trip that he would be reimbursed for his expenses.
  • 報導說,萊文森的律師在電郵中發現,一名中情局分析員在萊文森前往基什島之前向他保證,他此行的費用可以報銷。

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