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十二月份 第 12 課

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  • (2013-12-17)------

  • Amid Dispute with China, Japan Boosts Military Spending
  • 日本在對華爭端中增加軍費
  •   Japan has adopted new defense plans calling for a five percent increase in military spending and a greater regional role for its self-defense forces.
  • 日本通過了新的國防開支預算案;軍費增加 5 %。要求自衛武裝加大在地區內的作用。

  •   The national security strategy and defense guidelines approved by the Cabinet on Tuesday are seen as part of a response to China's growing military power.
  • 日本政府內閣星期二批准了國家安全戰略和防衛大綱,這被看作對中國不斷加強的軍事力量的反應的一部份。

  •   The plans were drawn up at the request of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who wants to revise Japan's pacifist constitution to help deal with regional issues, including China.
  • 預算案是應安倍首相的要求起草的;安倍希望修改日本和平主義的憲法,幫助應對包括中國在內的地區性問題。

  •   Under the new plans, defense spending would increase by five percent from 2014 to 2019. Surveillance drones, submarines, fighter jets and amphibious vehicles would be among the purchases, which will total $247 billion.
  • 新的預算案規定,2014 年到 2019 年,日本國防開支將增加百分之 5;將用兩千四百七十億美元購買無人偵察機,潛艇,戰鬥機和兩棲車輛。

  •   The hardware is part of a shift in military focus from the north to the southwest, where Japan is involved in a tense dispute with China over islands in the East China Sea.
  • 添置這些武器是日本把軍事重心從北方轉移到西南方努力的一部份;日本在東中國海上跟中國捲入一場領土爭端。

  •   The security strategy specifically mentioned China, noting it has taken "dangerous action that can draw unexpected contingencies" and saying it has laid claims that are inconsistent with international law.
  • 新的國防戰略特別提到中國;該方案指出,“中國採取危險行動,可能引發預料外的緊急情況” ; 該方案還表示,中國的領土要求與國際法相矛盾。


  • (2013-12-17)------

  • China Blames Terrorists for Deadly Clash in Xinjiang
  • 中國指責恐怖份子製造新疆致命衝突事件
  •   China is blaming an Islamic "terror gang" for an incident during which police shot and killed 14 people in far western Xinjiang province.
  • 中國指責伊斯蘭 “恐怖團夥” 製造流血事件,在新疆發生的該次事件中,有兩名警察身亡,另有 14 人被打死。

  •   Two policemen were also killed in the Sunday clash, which officials say broke out as police tried to arrest suspects near the town of Kashgar.
  • 當地官員說,星期天的衝突發生在喀什附近,當時警察正試圖拘捕嫌疑人。

  •   The official Xinhua news agency called the incident an "organized, pre-meditated, violent terror attack," noting that six people were arrested.
  • 官方的新華社稱這一事件是 “有組織,有預謀的暴力恐怖攻擊。” 並指出拘捕了六個人。

  •   It said police believe the suspects were part of a 20-member terrorist group that had tested explosives and were planning attacks.
  • 新華社還表示,警方認為,這些嫌疑人是一個擁有 20 名成員的恐怖組織的一部份;該組織曾試驗爆炸物,計劃攻擊。

  •   Xinjiang has been the scene of numerous incidents of deadly unrest, which Beijing often blames on foreign-backed Muslim Uighur separatists.
  • 新疆曾多次發生致命動亂;北京經常指責外國支援的穆斯林維吾爾分離主義者製造動亂。

  •   Exiled Uighur groups dispute the claim, saying China is exaggerating the threat in order to justify its repression of Muslim religious life.
  • 流亡國外的維吾爾組織否認這些指控,說中國誇大這些威脅,以便為打壓穆斯林的宗教活動找藉口。

  •   It is often difficult for foreign journalists to verify the claims made by either side, as Beijing severely restricts all but state-backed reporting in the region.
  • 外國記者很難證實北京和流亡組織的說法;北京嚴格限制非國有媒體的記者到該地區報導。

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