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十二月份 第 13 課

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  • (2013-12-19)------

  • Putin: U.S. Leaker Snowden is "Noble"
  • 普京讚揚斯諾登 “高尚”
  •   Russian President Vladimir Putin says former U.S. national security contractor Edward Snowden is "noble," but that neither he nor Russian security agencies have had any contact with him. Snowden disclosed classified U.S. documents to media outlets, and was later granted asylum in Russia.
  • 俄羅斯總統普京說,前美國國家安全局合同工愛德華‧斯諾登是 “高尚” 的,但他和俄羅斯安全部門都沒有跟斯諾登聯繫過;斯諾登將美國機密文件洩露給媒體後在俄羅斯獲得庇護。

  •   Putin made the comment during a wide-ranging annual question-and-answer session with reporters in Moscow Thursday that also covered missile deployment, U.S. eavesdropping on its own citizens, and Russian aid to Ukraine.
  • 普京是星期四在莫斯科舉行的涉及廣泛問題的年度記者會上說這番話的;他還談到俄羅斯部署導彈,美國收集本國公民電話資訊,以及俄羅斯給烏克蘭的援助等問題;普京回答了記者提出的問題。

  •   He said Moscow has not made a decision on deploying missiles in Kaliningrad, a prospect that has caused concern in neighboring Poland and Lithuania as well as Washington.
  • 普京說,俄羅斯還沒有決定是否在加里寧格勒部署導彈;這種可能性讓美國以及俄羅斯的鄰國波蘭和立陶宛感到關切。

  •   Regarding the U.S. National Security Agency's admission that it collected phone records from U.S. citizens, Mr. Putin said such surveillance is necessary to fight terrorism, although he cautioned that government needs to "limit the appetite" of national security agencies to prevent them from becoming too powerful.
  • 普京在談到美國國家安全局承認收集本國公民電話資訊時說,這種監視對於打擊恐怖主義是必要的;不過他提醒說,政府需要限制國家安全部門的 “胃口”,防止他們擁有過大的權力。


  • (2013-12-19)------

  • Rodman Back in NKorea, Won't Discuss Politics
  • 球星羅德曼抵朝鮮 說不會討論政治問題
  •   Retired U.S. basketball star Dennis Rodman is in North Korea for his third visit in recent months, but says he will not raise political issues with the country's leader, Kim Jong Un.
  • 已退役的美國籃球明星羅德曼抵達朝鮮,這是他幾個月來第三次訪問朝鮮;羅德曼表示他不會跟朝鮮領導人金正恩提出政治問題。

  •   Rodman's visit comes at another tense moment in Pyongyang, just days after the shocking execution of Kim's uncle, mentor and second in command, who was accused of trying to overthrow the state.
  • 羅德曼是在平壤又一次局勢緊張之際抵達的;幾天前,平壤令人驚訝地處決了金正恩的姑父和導師,朝鮮第二號領導人張成澤;張成澤被指控企圖推翻現政權。

  •   Speaking to Reuters at a Beijing hotel before departing for the North, Rodman said the execution of Jang Song Thaek had nothing to do with his visit, which he said was purely for "fun."
  • 羅德曼星期四在離開北京的旅館前對路透社記者說,張成澤被處決跟他的訪問沒有關係;他說,他的訪問完全是為了好玩。

  •   The five-time National Basketball Association champion is expected to help train North Korea's national basketball team during his trip, which is sponsored by the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power.
  • 羅德曼是五次獲得美國職業籃球總冠軍球隊的成員;預計他此行將幫助訓練朝鮮國家籃球隊;他的訪問得到愛爾蘭博彩公司帕迪鮑爾的贊助。

  •   During past visits, the eccentric Rodman has held extended personal meetings with Mr. Kim, who he has called a "friend for life" and a "good guy."
  • 羅德曼上次訪問朝鮮時跟金正恩進行了多次個人接觸;羅德曼稱金正恩是他的 “終生朋友” 和 “好人”。

  •   He is thought to be the highest-profile American to have met the North Korean leader.
  • 據信羅德曼是會見過金正恩的美國人中知名度最高的。

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