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十二月份 第 15 課

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  • (2013-12-23)------

  • Japan Emperor Celebrates 80th Birthday
  • 日本天皇慶祝 80 大壽
  •   Japanese Emperor Akihito has celebrated his 80th birthday, waving to a huge crowd from a balcony at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.
  • 日本天皇明仁慶祝了他的 80 大壽,在東京皇宮的一座陽台向大批人群揮手致意。

  •   Flanked by his family Monday, Emperor Akihito told the crowd of some 25,000 people that he prayed the coming year will be a good year for all.
  • 星期一,明仁天皇在家人的左右陪伴下對大約兩萬五千名民眾說,他為所有的人祈禱來年幸福。

  •   To mark the birthday, video of the emperor speaking at a news conference last week was released Monday.
  • 為了慶祝天皇生日,一份天皇在上星期的一次記者會上講話視頻在星期一公布於眾。

  •   When asked about what had made a significant impact on his life, Akihito said World War Two stood out in his mind.
  • 當被問到什麼事情對他人生的影響最大時,明仁天皇說,他腦子裏想到的是第二次世界大戰。

  •   He said it pains him deeply to think that so many people lost their lives at a young age.
  • 他說,這麼多人這麼年輕就失去了生命,這讓他深深感到痛苦。

  •   The Japanese throne is held in deep respect by much of the public, despite being stripped of much of its status following World War Two.
  • 日皇在二戰之後被架空,不過,多數民眾對天皇保持著高度尊重。


  • (2013-12-23)------

  • South Sudan: 'Matter of Time' Until Army Recaptures Control
  • 南蘇丹:奪回控制權只是 “時間問題”
  •   South Sudan's military says it is "a matter of time" before pro-government forces retake control of two state capitals from rebels.
  • 南蘇丹民兵說,親政府武裝力量從叛亂份子手中奪回兩個州首府的控制權只是 “時間問題”。

  •   Army spokesman Philip Aguer told VOA that soldiers backing former vice president Riek Machar control Bor in Jonglei state and Bentiu in oil-rich Unity state, but that the military is "capable of dealing with the rebellion."
  • 南蘇丹軍方發言人阿古爾對美國之音說,支援副總統馬查爾的士兵控制了瓊萊州首府博爾和西上尼羅州首府班提烏,但軍方有能力應對叛軍。

  •   He also accused fighters backing Machar of shooting at a U.S. aircraft that was evacuating citizens from Bor on Saturday.
  • 阿古爾還指責支援馬查爾的戰鬥人員上星期六向疏散博爾平民的一架美國飛機開槍。

  •   The U.S. military did not identify the shooters, but said four of its personnel were injured.
  • 美國軍方沒有查明開槍者的身份,但表示有四名美國人受傷。

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