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十二月份 第 15 課

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  • (2006-12-21)------

  • Japanese Envoy Says no Prospect for Agreement at Six-Party Talks
  • 日本特使說六方會談不會達成協議
  •   Japan's envoy to the six-party talks on North Korea's nuclear weapons program says there is no prospect for an agreement during the current talks.
  • 參加有關北韓核武問題六方會談的日本首席談判代表說,目前的談判不會在解除平壤核武器方面達成協議。

  •   Kenichiro Sasae blamed North Korea for the impasse at this week's negotiations, saying its refusal to stop its nuclear weapons program before the United States lifts financial sanctions was the biggest obstacle to a breakthrough.
  • 佐佐江賢一郎把本星期會談的僵局歸咎於北韓.他說,北韓拒絕在美國取消對北韓的經濟制裁之前解除核武器,是會談取得突破的最大障礙。

  •   U.S. envoy Christopher Hill urged North Korean negotiators today (Thursday) to focus on nuclear disarmament rather than complaints about U.S. sanctions.
  • 美國特使希爾星期四敦促北韓談判代表集中討論解除核武器的問題,而不是抱怨美國的制裁。

  •   Hill says it is difficult to make progress on nuclear issues when North Korea is pre-occupied with U.S. financial restrictions against companies accused of illicit dealings with Pyongyang.
  • 希爾說,北韓把心思放在了美國對被指控跟平壤進行非法交易的公司所進行的金融制裁上面,在這種情況下,會談很難在核項目的問題上取得進展。

  •   Nuclear negotiators from the six parties to the talks ended a fourth day of talks in Beijing today on how to implement a (September) 2005 agreement with North Korea.
  • 參加六方會談的各國代表星期四結束了在北京舉行的第四天會議,討論的重點是如何落實2005年9月和北韓達成的協議。


  • (2006-12-21)------

  • Papers: British Military Aide Accused Of Passing Secrets To Iran
  • 報紙:英軍將領助理被控向伊朗提供情報
  •   Two British newspapers say an aide to the British commander of NATO troops in Afghanistan has been charged with passing secret information to Iran.
  • 英國兩家報紙報導,駐阿富汗北約部隊英國指揮官大衛.理查茲將軍的一名助手被指控向伊朗傳遞秘密情報。

  •   The Telegraph and Times newspapers report today (Thursday) that Corporal Daniel James, an interpreter for General David Richards in Afghanistan, was charged in a London court on Wednesday.
  • 每日電訊報和泰晤士報星期四報導說,在阿富汗的理查茲將軍的翻譯丹尼爾.詹姆斯下士星期三在倫敦一家法庭被起訴。

  •   Details of the case have not been officially confirmed, and most of the court proceedings were closed to the media.
  • 案情細節還沒有得到官方證實,法庭大部分審理工作也沒有向媒體透露。

  •   The Times said James is of Iranian descent and also speaks fluent Pashtun, one of the main languages in Afghanistan.
  • 泰晤士報說,詹姆斯是伊朗後裔,可以說流利的普什圖語.普什圖語是阿富汗的一個主要語種。

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