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十二月份 第 15 課

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  • (2008-12-22)------

  • China Prepares to Send Two Giant Pandas to Taiwan
  • 中國準備將兩隻大熊貓送往台灣
  •   A plane from Taiwan arrived in the southern Chinese city of Chengdu today (Monday) to pick up a pair of giant pandas -- a goodwill gift from China to Taiwan.
  • 台灣一架飛機星期一抵達中國南部城市成都,準備接收一對大熊貓去台灣;中國以此為向台灣表示善意的禮物。

  •   The two bears "Tuan Tuan" and "Yuan Yuan," which linked together means reunion in Chinese, will depart for Taiwan on Tuesday.
  • 這一對名為“團團”和“圓圓”的大熊貓將於星期二啟程前往台灣;“團團”和“圓圓”聯在一起的中文意思是團圓。

  •   After arriving on the island, the couple will stay in quarantine for 30 days and are expected to be unveiled to the public on January 25th, during the Lunar New Year holidays.
  • 到達台灣後,這對熊貓將先度過 30 天的檢疫期,預計 1 月 25 號在中國春節期間開始供大眾觀賞。

  •   China's pandas usually come with a million dollar a year rental fee, but in this case the Chinese have said there will be no charges for Taiwan.
  • 中國對每只熊貓通常收取每年 100 萬美元的出租費用,但是這一次中國表示不向台灣收取任何費用。

  •   And their voyage to Taiwan is being portrayed as the latest sign of improving ties between the long time political rivals.
  • 大熊貓前往台灣被描繪為這兩個長期的政治對手之間改善關係的最新跡象。


  • (2008-12-22)------

  • Another Interest Rate Cut For China
  • 中國再度降息
  •   The slowing global economy is hurting even China's usually strong growth, and the central bank cut the key interest rate again today (Monday) to give it a boost.
  • 世界經濟發展速度減緩對通常增長強勁的中國經濟造成影響,中國的中央銀行為了刺激經濟,今天 (星期一) 再次降低基準利率。

  •   Recessions in some of China's trading partners -- the United States, Europe, and Japan -- are cutting demand for the exports that fuel much of China's economy.
  • 中國的一些貿易夥伴美國、歐洲和日本出現經濟衰退,減少了為中國經濟發展提供主要動力的進口需求。

  •   So the People's Bank of China made the fifth interest rate cut in just three months, and also cut the amount of money banks must keep in reserve.
  • 因此,中國人民銀行 3 個月來第 5 次降息,並降低銀行的儲備金標準。

  •   The actions make more money available for lending and cut the cost of borrowing in the hope that businesses will use loans to expand operations and hire people.
  • 這一措施增加用於借貸的資金並降低借貸成本,以期企業將利用貸款擴大經營和雇用人員。

EPT 美語
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