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十二月份 第 15 課

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  • (2009-12-21)------

  • Iranian Opposition: Hundreds of Thousands Turn Out for Dissident Cleric's Funeral
  • 伊朗反對派:數以十萬計的伊朗人參加異議教士葬禮
  •   Iranian opposition Web sites say hundreds of thousands of people have turned out for the funeral of dissident cleric Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri.
  • 伊朗反對派的網站報導說,數以十萬計的伊朗人參加了異議教士大阿亞圖拉‧蒙塔澤里的葬禮。

  •   The reports say many mourners chanted anti-government slogans and carried green symbols of Iran's opposition movement during Monday's funeral procession in the northern holy city of Qom.
  • 報導說,星期一在伊朗北部聖城庫姆舉行的葬禮過程中,許多致哀者高喊反政府口號,手持伊朗反對派運動的綠色標誌。

  •   They say riot police were out in force and fought with some protesters who threw stones.
  • 報導說,防暴警察跟投擲石頭的抗議者發生衝突。

  •   There was no independent confirmation of the turnout or protests.
  • 沒有獨立消息證實出席葬禮人數或抗議活動。

  •   Foreign media were barred from covering the funeral.
  • 外國媒體被禁止前往報導葬禮。

  •   Ayatollah Montazeri was buried at a shrine in Qom, where he died late Saturday at the age of 87.
  • 蒙塔澤里被安葬在庫姆聖地;他於星期六晚去世,終年 87 歲。

  •   Iranian reformists regarded the cleric as the spiritual patron of their movement.
  • 伊朗改革派將蒙塔澤里看做他們運動的精神支柱。

  •   Earlier this year, he denounced the government's crackdown on protests against the disputed re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
  • 今年早些時候,蒙塔澤里譴責政府鎮壓 "反對伊朗總統內賈德通過有爭議大選再次當選" 的抗議者。


  • (2009-12-21)------

  • Suicide Bombing in Northern Iraq Kills District Council Chief
  • 伊拉克北部自殺式炸彈炸死區議會長官
  •   Iraqi officials say a suicide bombing in the north of the country has killed two people, including a district council chief.
  • 伊拉克官員說,在伊拉克北部城市發生一起自殺式炸彈襲擊,導致兩人死亡,其中包括一名地區議會長官。

  •   Police say the attacker targeted the local politician's car Monday in the city of Tal Afar. One of the politician's bodyguards also was killed.
  • 警方說,襲擊者星期一在塔勒阿法爾城對這名當地官員的汽車發動襲擊;該官員的一名警衛也被炸死。

  •   In another development, Iraqi authorities say a court has sentenced a deputy minister of transport to eight years in prison for corruption.
  • 另一方面,伊拉克當局說,法庭判決交通部副部長腐敗罪名成立,入獄八年。

  •   Adnan al-Obeidi was arrested in September on suspicion of trying to extort half a million dollars from a foreign security company in return for granting it a contract.
  • 歐貝迪因涉嫌以換取合同為條件向外國安全公司勒索 50 萬美元而於 9 月被捕。

  •   Iraqi officials say the company informed anti-corruption officials about the extortion attempt and worked with authorities to catch al-Obeidi in the act of taking a bribe.
  • 伊拉克官員說,該公司將歐貝迪的敲詐企圖告知反腐敗官員,並和當局合作,在歐貝迪收受賄賂時將其當場抓獲。

  •   Police later filmed him demanding $100,000 as a first installment of the bribe.
  • 警方之後的錄影顯示歐貝迪要求對方支付 10 萬美元做為第一筆賄賂金額。

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