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十二月份 第 15 課

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  • (2011-12-26)------

  • New North Korean Leader Assumes Another Top Post
  • 金正恩就任朝鮮勞動黨最高職位
  •   North Korea's leading state-run newspaper indicated Monday that Kim Jong Il's heir has assumed another top post.
  • 朝鮮主要的國營報紙《勞動新聞》星期一表示,金正日的繼承人已就任朝鮮另一最高職務。

  •   The Communist Party's Rodong Sinmun referred to Kim Jong Un as leader of the ruling Workers' Party Central Committee, a post that gives Kim Jong Un power over one of the country's highest decision-making bodies.
  • 朝鮮勞動黨出版的《勞動新聞》將金正恩稱為該執政黨中央委員會的領導人,這一職務賦予金正恩領導朝鮮最高決策機構的權力。

  •   In a dispatch late Saturday, the official Korean Central News Agency called General Kim the "supreme leader of the revolutionary armed forces."
  • 官方媒體朝鮮中央通訊社在星期六晚間的一篇通訊中稱金將軍為 “革命武裝力量最高領導者”。

  •   Earlier Saturday, KCNA hailed Mr. Kim as "supreme commander" - the first use of that title, also used by his late father.
  • 星期六早些時候,朝中社稱頌金正恩為 “最高統帥”,這是朝中社第一次對金正恩使用這一頭銜,他已故的父親也用過這一稱謂。

  •   Kim Jong Un holds the military rank of a four-star general, despite having little military experience and being in his late 20s.
  • 雖然金正恩還不到 30 歲,軍事經驗十分有限,但他的軍事頭銜是大將。


  • (2011-12-26)------

  • NBA Season Finally Tips Off After Long Labor Dispute
  • NBA 勞工糾紛後新賽季終於開打
  •   Basketball fans got their Christmas wish Sunday when the long-postponed National Basketball Association season finally opened after a lengthy labor dispute.
  • 籃球迷的耶誕節願望在星期天實現了;推遲已久的美國 NBA 職業籃球聯賽在長期的勞資糾紛後終於開始了新的賽季。

  •   A dispute between team owners and players over such issues as salary caps and revenue sharing put the entire NBA season in peril.
  • 球隊老闆和球員之間在工資上限和收益分配等問題上的糾紛讓整個 NBA 賽季陷入危機。

  •   Training camps, pre-season practice games and the first 16 regular season games were canceled before a deal was reached last month.
  • 訓練營、季前訓練和前 16 場正規賽在上個月協議達成之前都被取消。

  •   The NBA will play a shortened 66-game season this year, and teams will cut down on the number of scheduled days off.
  • NBA 今年的賽季將減少到 66 場比賽,各球隊也將壓縮休息日的計劃天數。

  •   Winners on the first day of the abbreviated season included the Miami Heat, who beat the defending champion Dallas Mavericks; the New York Knicks, who edged the Boston Celtics; and the Chicago Bulls, who rallied past the Los Angeles Lakers.
  • NBA 縮水賽季第一天的勝者包括打敗衛冕冠軍達拉斯小牛隊的邁阿密熱火隊、力克波士頓凱爾特人隊的紐約尼克斯隊和戰勝洛杉磯湖人隊的芝加哥公牛隊。

  •   The other winners were the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers.
  • 其他贏家還有俄克拉荷馬城雷霆隊和洛杉磯快船隊。

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