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十二月份 第 16 課

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  • (2008-12-23)------

  • Two More Suspects on Trial Over Chinese Tainted Milk
  • 中國毒奶粉事件又有兩人受審
  •   Chinese state media say two more suspects in the country's tainted milk scandal were put on trial Tuesday, bringing the number of those facing charges over the case to 17.
  • 中國國家媒體說,又有 2 名涉及中國毒奶粉醜聞的嫌疑人星期二受審,從而將那些面臨這一案件指控的人數升到 17 人。

  •   The official Xinhua news agency reports that two brothers, Geng Jinping and Geng Jinzhu, are being tried for making and selling food additives laced with the chemical melamine.
  • 官方的新華社報導說,耿金平和耿金珠兩兄弟因為製造和銷售含有化學品三聚氰胺污染的食品添加劑受到審判。

  •   The two brothers allegedly sold tainted milk to Sanlu Group and other dairy companies in China's northern Hebei province.
  • 這兩兄弟據說銷售受到污染的牛奶給在中國北方的河北省的三鹿集團和其他奶業公司。

  •   Sanlu was the first milk manufacturer found selling products tainted with melamine when the scandal surfaced in September.
  • 在毒奶粉醜聞 9 月份曝光的時候,三鹿公司是第一個被發現銷售受三聚氰胺污染產品的牛奶製造商。

  •   At least six children were killed and nearly 300-thousand more were sickened from drinking milk laced with melamine.
  • 因為喝了含有三聚氰胺牛奶,至少有 6 名兒童死亡,近 30 萬兒童患病。

  •   On Monday, nine people - including a husband and wife - went on trial for allegedly trading and selling tainted additives. Six others were tried last Friday.
  • 星期一,包括一對夫妻在內的 9 人因為被指控販賣有毒食品而受到審判;另外有 6 人在上星期五受到審判。


  • (2008-12-23)------

  • Record Drop for US Home Prices, Consumer Confidence
  • 美國住房價格、消費者信心跌破記錄
  •   A struggling U.S. economy is not getting any help from the battered housing market.
  • 美國房屋市場萎靡不振給美國困境中的經濟雪上加霜。

  •   A closely watched index today (Tuesday) shows home prices in 20 major U.S. cities plunged a record 18 percent in October (compared to the same time last year).
  • 一個被密切關注的指數顯示,美國 20 個主要城市 10 月份的住房價格與去年同期相比下跌了創記錄的 18 %。

  •   U.S. home prices have now fallen to levels not seen since March 2004.
  • 美國房屋價格目前下跌到 2004 年 3 月份以來的最低價位。

  •   Some economists say the troubled U.S. housing market is at the center of the country's economic woes, and warn the U.S. will not be able to pull out of a recession until the market recovers.
  • 一些經濟學家認為,美國處於困境中的房屋市場是美國經濟困難的核心,他們警告說,美國在房屋市場恢復之前將無法走出衰退。

  •   Meanwhile, discounted prices on everything from clothes to electronics are doing little to spark sales or boost consumer confidence.
  • 與此同時,從衣服到電子產品的各種物品價格的打折幾乎仍然沒能刺激銷售或者增強消費者的信心。

  •   An industry trade group (the International Council of Shopping Centers) says (today) sales for the week ending December 27th fell almost two percent compared to last year.
  • 一個行業貿易組織說,12 月 27 號結束的那個星期的銷售量與去年相比下跌將近2%。

  •   The report (issued with Goldman Sachs) also notes a one-and-a-half-percent drop from the week before.
  • 一份報告還提到這個星期的銷售量比前一個星期下跌了1.5%。

  •   A private research group (the Conference Board) says (today) its index of U.S. consumer confidence hit an all-time low in December.
  • 一個私營研究機構說,這個組織測定的美國消費者信心指數在 12 月創下最低水準。

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