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十二月份 第 16 課

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  • (2009-12-22)------

  • China Arrests Activists in Tainted Milk Scandal
  • 中國逮捕為毒奶粉受害者尋求賠償的活動人士
  •   The wife of a Chinese activist who ran the Kidney Stone Babies website, which sought compensation for families victimized in a tainted milk scandal, said Tuesday that he has been formally arrested.
  • 中國一名活動人士的妻子星期二說,他丈夫已被正式逮捕;活動人士趙連海創辦了“結石寶寶之家”網站,為中國毒奶粉醜聞事件中的受害者家屬尋求賠償。

  •   Liu Xuemei said police arrested her husband Zhao Lianhai on December 17 and charged him with "provoking trouble."
  • 劉雪梅說,警方 12 月 17 日逮捕她丈夫趙連海,指控他“尋釁滋事”。

  •   The charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.
  • 這項罪名最高將被判處 5 年有期徒刑。

  •   She said Zhao was taken into police custody more than a month earlier on November 14.
  • 她說,趙連海於一個多月前的 11 月 14 日被警方拘留。

  •   The couple's baby was sickened after drinking milk tainted with the industrial chemical melamine during the scandal that rocked China last year.
  • 中國去年發生震驚全國的毒奶粉事件,他們的孩子在飲用添加化學工業原料三聚氰胺的奶粉後生病。

  •   Six children died and as many as 300,000 others became ill after drinking the adulterated milk.
  • 6 名兒童在飲用攙假奶粉後死亡,多達 30 萬兒童生病。


  • (2009-12-22)------

  • US Senate Moves Closer to Historic Health Care Vote
  • 參院接近通過歷史性醫保法案
  •   The U.S. Senate is moving closer to passing landmark health care reform legislation later this week.
  • 美國國會參議院更加接近於本星期晚些時候通過一項具有里程碑意義的醫保改革法案。

  •   Early Tuesday, majority Democrats and their independent allies got the 60 votes needed to cut off debate on the bill, and help move the legislation forward.
  • 星期二早些時候,參議院佔多數的民主黨人和他們的獨立派盟友獲得中斷對此議案進行辯論的 60 張多數票,將議案的通過又向前推進一步。

  •   They also approved a package of changes.
  • 他們還通過了一些其他改革方案。

  •   The measure is advancing toward a final vote late Thursday, Christmas Eve. There will be another procedural vote on Wednesday.
  • 這項議案將於耶誕節的除夕夜星期四表決;星期三還將進行另外一輪程序性的表決。

  •   President Barack Obama has made passing health care reform a top domestic priority.
  • 歐巴馬總統一直將這一法案的通過做為國內工作的重點之一。

  •   He told reporters Tuesday he will not leave Washington for the holiday until the Senate finishes its work on health care.
  • 他星期二對記者說,在參議院完成醫保改革法案之前,他不會離開華盛頓去過耶誕節。

  •   Debate on the measure continues in the Senate, with minority Republicans arguing that the legislation is too expensive.
  • 參議院目前仍在對這項醫保改革法案進行辯論,共和黨人認為,這項議案費用過於龐大。

  •   The proposed legislation would extend coverage to 31 million Americans now without health insurance, and ban insurance companies from denying benefits because of pre-existing medical conditions.
  • 這項議案將向目前沒有醫療保險的 3100 萬美國人提供保險,並禁止保險公司以原有病狀為由拒絕承保。

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