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十二月份 第 18 課

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  • (2013-12-26)------

  • Japan's Abe Visits Controversial War Shrine
  • 安倍晉三參拜有爭議的靖國神社
  •   Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has paid respects at a Tokyo war shrine that many of Japan's neighbors see as a symbol of its militaristic past.
  • 日本首相安倍晉三參拜了靖國神社,而日本的很多鄰國將靖國神社視為日本軍國主義歷史的象徵。

  •   The visit to the Yasukuni Shrine, the first by a sitting Japanese prime minister since 2006, was quickly condemned by South Korea and China, both victims of imperialist Japan's aggression.
  • 中國和南韓立即對安倍參拜靖國神社的做法予以譴責;中韓兩國都是日本帝國主義侵略的受害者;自 2006 年以來,這是日本現任首相首次參拜靖國神社。

  •   Mr. Abe downplayed the political impact of the Thursday visit, saying it was not meant to hurt the feelings of Japan's neighbors, but was a sign of respect for his country's war dead.
  • 安倍晉三對星期四參拜靖國神社的政治含義進行淡化處理,聲稱此舉並非有意傷害鄰國的感情,而是對戰爭死難者表示敬意。

  •   The Shinto shrine honors Japan's nearly 2.5 million war dead, including 14 convicted World War II war criminals.
  • 靖國神社供奉著將近 250 萬日本戰爭亡靈牌位,其中包括 14 名二戰戰犯。

  •   China's foreign ministry spokesman Qin Gang immediately slammed Mr. Abe's visit as "absolutely unacceptable to the Chinese people" and demanded Tokyo "reflect on its history of aggression."
  • 中國外交部發言人秦剛立即表示,中國人民完全不能接受安倍參拜靖國神社的做法,並要求東京 “對自己的侵略歷史進行反思”。

  •   The Xinhua news agency also said China will "make solemn representations" in Beijing and Tokyo on Thursday to protest the visit.
  • 中國官方的新華社說,中國星期四將在北京和東京對安倍參拜靖國神社表示嚴正抗議。

  •   South Korea's minister of culture, sports and tourism, Yoo Jinryong, labeled the move as "anachronistic" and said it will hurt South Korea-Japan ties.
  • 南韓文化體育觀光部長官劉震龍說,安倍參拜靖國神社是 “不合時宜” 的,並表示此舉將損害韓日關係。

  •   The U.S., a strong ally of Tokyo, said in a statement via its embassy in Japan that it is "disappointed" the country's leaders have undertaken an action that will "exacerbate tensions" with its neighbors.
  • 美國通過駐日使館發表聲明,對日本領導人採取這一舉動表示 “失望”,並說這種做法將加劇日本與鄰國之間的緊張關係。


  • (2013-12-26)------

  • Amid Clashes, Thailand's Election Commission Calls for Delay in Vote
  • 泰國爆發衝突 選舉委員會要求推遲選舉
  •   Thailand's election commission has requested the indefinite postponement of an early vote, which was called for by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra as a way out of the country's political crisis, which turned violent again Thursday.
  • 泰國選舉委員會要求無限期推遲英拉總理宣佈提前舉行的選舉;英拉試圖通過提前舉行選舉來擺脫目前的政治危機;星期四,泰國政治危機再度引發暴力。

  •   In a statement, the commission cited a lack of peace between the government and protesters, who for weeks have demanded that Prime Minister Yingluck step down and hand power to an unelected council.
  • 泰國選舉委員會發表聲明說,政府與抗議者之間沒有建立起和平關係;幾星期來,抗議者一直要求英拉辭職,將權力轉交一個未經選舉產生的委員會。

  •   Earlier Thursday, police fired tear gas and rubber bullets at anti-government protesters who were trying to disrupt election preparations.
  • 星期四早些時候,警察向試圖干擾選舉準備工作的反政府抗議者發射催淚彈和橡皮子彈。

  •   The clashes began after protesters ignored police warnings and stormed a sports stadium in Bangkok where officials were registering candidates for the scheduled February 2 vote.
  • 抗議民眾無視警方的警告,衝入曼谷的一個體育場,從而引發衝突;候選人們在該體育場登記參加定於明年 2 月 2 日舉行的選舉。

  •   The protesters hurled rocks at police, but later withdrew and the election preparations continued as usual.
  • 抗議者向警察投擲石塊,但後來撤退,選舉準備工作恢復正常。

  •   Officials said at least 32 protesters were hurt during the incident.
  • 有關官員說,至少有 32 名抗議者在衝突中受傷。

  •   Police spokesman Piya Uthayo said three policemen also were injured.
  • 泰國警方發言人說,也有三名警察受傷。

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