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十二月份 第 20 課

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  • (2013-12-31)------

  • China: Baby-Stealing Obstetrician Faces Death Penalty
  • 中國:一產科醫生販賣嬰兒可能被判死刑
  •   A doctor in northern China faces a possible death sentence after confessing to stealing seven newborn babies and selling them to human traffickers.
  • 中國北方一名醫生承認偷走七名新生嬰兒,然後把他們賣給人口販子;這名醫生可能被判處死刑。

  •   State media say Zhang Shuxia, who delivered babies at a hospital in Shaanxi province's Fuping county, acknowledged in court to trafficking the seven babies.
  • 中國國家媒體說,陜西省富平縣一家醫院的產科醫生張淑霞在法庭上承認販賣了七名嬰兒。

  •   The 55-year-old obstetrician was accused of persuading parents to give up their children after falsely claiming they had serious, congenital diseases.
  • 這名 55 歲的產科醫生被控向嬰兒的父母謊稱嬰兒患有嚴重先天性疾病,說服他們放棄嬰兒。

  •   Six of the children have been rescued, but one died after being trafficked for $165.
  • 已有六名嬰兒獲救,但以 165 美元被販賣的另一名嬰兒死亡。

  •   The state-run Global Times says Zhang apologized to the victims' families, saying she was "deluded by an accomplice into selling babies in the mistaken belief she was helping families in need."
  • 中國國營的環球時報說,張淑霞向受害家庭道歉,表示自己是受了一名同夥的欺騙才販賣嬰兒,以為這樣做是在幫助有需要的家庭。

  •   The sale of children is a major problem in China, where analysts say a strict one-child policy has helped create demand exploited by underground trafficking rings.
  • 在中國,販賣兒童是一個嚴重問題;分析人士說,嚴格的 “一胎化” 政策使販賣人口團夥有機可乘。


  • (2013-12-31)------

  • Israel Frees More Palestinian Prisoners
  • 以色列釋放更多巴勒斯坦囚犯
  •   Israel has freed 26 more Palestinian prisoners who were jailed for deadly attacks on Israeli civilians, in the latest release under an agreement to revive peace talks between the two sides.
  • 以色列又釋放了 26 名巴勒斯坦囚犯,他們因對以色列平民發動致命襲擊而被監禁;依照以巴雙方為重啟和談而簽訂的一項協議,以色列同意釋放巴基斯坦囚犯。

  •   Crowds cheering, waving flags and setting off fireworks welcomed the freed prisoners with a hero's welcome early Tuesday in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
  • 星期二清晨,人們在約旦河西岸和加沙地帶歡呼、揮舞旗幟和燃放焰火,對獲釋囚犯給予英雄式的歡迎。

  •   Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and other officials greeted a group of them in Ramallah with hugs and kisses, and Mr. Abbas vowed to press for more prisoners to be allowed to go home.
  • 巴勒斯坦民族權力機構主席阿巴斯和其他官員在拉馬拉迎接獲釋囚犯,擁抱和親吻他們;阿巴斯誓言將施加壓力,讓更多囚犯返回家鄉。

  •   The latest release was the third of four agreed to with Israel under which a total of 104 Palestinians will be freed.
  • 這是以色列同意釋放四批囚犯中的第三批,以色列總共將釋放104名巴勒斯坦人。

  •   The releases infuriate many Israelis, including some members of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Cabinet. They consider the ex-prisoners terrorists.
  • 釋放巴勒斯坦囚犯使很多以色列人感到憤怒,其中包括以色列總理內塔尼亞胡內閣的一些成員;他們認為這些前囚犯是恐怖分子。

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