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十二月份 第 20 課

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  • (2007-12-28)------

  • Beijing Says All Olympic Venues But One Completed
  • 北京稱奧運比賽場所均完工僅一例外
  •   Olympic organizers say all the venues for next year's Games in Beijing have been finished except for the massive, 91-thousand seat National Stadium known as "the Bird's Nest."
  • 奧運會的組織者說,明年北京奧運會的所有比賽場所,除能夠容納 9 萬 1 千人的國家體育場「鳥巢」之外,都已經完工。

  •   Beijing Games executive vice president Jiang Xiaoyu said Friday that 36 of the 37 venues will be complete by December 31st.
  • 北京奧組委執行副主席蔣效愚星期五說, 37 個比賽場館中的 36 個將在 12 月 31 號之前完工。

  •   The National Stadium, nicknamed the Bird's Nest because of its exterior lattice work, should be finished by March.
  • 因外部斜條格結構而被稱為「鳥巢」的國家體育場應該在明年 3 月完工。

  •   Jiang said the aquatics venue is ready for a test event in January.
  • 蔣效愚說,游泳館明年 1 月將進行一次試用比賽。

  •   Chinese Olympic organizers have had crews working 24 hours a day to complete the venues in time for the start of the Games on August 8th of next year.
  • 北京奧運會組織者為了趕在明年 8 月 8 號奧運會開幕之前完成所有的比賽場館,讓建築工人每天輪班 24 小時工作。

  •   Beijing has spent an estimated 40-billion dollars getting ready for the Games. The preparations have not been without controversy.
  • 北京為這次奧運會花費了大約 400 億美元;但是準備工作並不是沒有爭議。

  •   Amnesty International and other human rights groups have protested the forced eviction of residents and imprisonment of protesters ahead of the Games.
  • 大赦國際和其他人權組織都抗議在奧運會之前強迫居民拆遷,並把抗議人士關進監獄。


  • (2007-12-28)------

  • Texas Home of Bush Family Damaged by Arson
  • 布希家德州舊居被人為縱火毀壞
  •   Authorities in the southwestern U.S. state of Texas say a fire that damaged the former childhood home of President Bush was deliberately set.
  • 美國西南部德克薩斯州當局表示,布希總統童年舊居失火是被人故意縱火的。

  •   The home is located on the grounds of the museum and library established by Mr. Bush's father, former President George H.W. Bush.
  • 這所住房位於布希總統的父親、前總統喬治 H.W.布希建立的博物館和圖書館的庭院裏。

  •   Authorities say the home's front porch sustained much of the damage from the early Thursday morning fire.
  • 當局表示,房子的前廊在星期四早上的大火中受到的損失比較大。

  •   No suspects have been identified in the arson.
  • 目前還沒有找到任何縱火的嫌疑人。

  •   The Bush family moved into the small, two bedroom home September 1948,when the current President Bush was two years old and lived there until April 1949.
  • 布希一家在 1948 年 9 月搬入這個有兩間臥室的小房子裏,一直住到 1949 年 4 月;當時現任總統布希只有 2 歲。

  •   The house was restored in 2004 by hundreds of volunteers. It was moved from its original location to the museum grounds that same year.
  • 2004 年,數以百計的志願者參與修復這房屋,並且在同一年從原來的地點被搬到博物館的庭院裏。

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