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十二月份 第 20 課

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  • (2008-12-29)------

  • Nine Suspects on Trial Over Chinese Tainted Milk
  • 中國毒奶粉事件九名嫌犯受審
  •   Chinese state media say nine people were put on trial Monday in connection with China's tainted milk scandal that killed six children and sickened nearly 300-thousand more.
  • 中國官方媒體說,星期一,9 人因涉及中國毒奶事件受到審判;毒奶事件造成 6 名兒童死亡,近 30 萬人患病。

  •   The official Xinhua news agency says the suspects appeared at local courts Monday in and around the city of Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province, where the company at the center of scandal has its headquarters.
  • 官方新華社說,這些嫌疑人星期一在河北省石家莊市和周邊地區的地方法院出庭,處在毒奶粉醜聞中心的三鹿公司的總部在石家莊市。

  •   Four of the suspects, including a husband and wife, are charged with endangering public safety.
  • 4 名嫌疑人被控危害公共安全,其中包括一對夫婦。

  •   Five others appeared separately and are accused of producing and selling poisonous food to the Sanlu dairy giant.
  • 其他 5 人在另外一個法庭出庭,他們被指控製造和銷售有毒食品給三鹿奶業龍頭公司。

  •   Sanlu group's chairwoman (Tian Wenhua) is scheduled to appear in court Wednesday.
  • 三鹿集團董事長 (田文華) 定於星期三出庭。

  •   Sanlu was the first milk manufacturer found selling products tainted with melamine when the scandal surfaced in September.
  • 在毒奶醜聞 9 月份浮現之際,三鹿是第一個被發現銷售三聚氰胺污染的產品的牛奶製造商。

  •   The company declared itself bankrupt last week.
  • 三鹿公司上個星期宣佈破產。


  • (2008-12-29)------

  • US: Hamas Must Stop Firing Rockets at Israel to End Violence
  • 美國:哈馬斯必須停止向以色列發射火箭以結束暴力
  •   The Bush administration says the Palestinian militant group Hamas must stop firing rockets into Israel from the Gaza Strip in order to end fighting in the region.
  • 美國布希政府說,巴勒斯坦激進組織哈馬斯必須停止從加沙地帶向以色列發射火箭彈,以結束這個地區的衝突。

  •   White House spokesman Gordon Johndroe also said today (Monday) that Hamas should agree to a sustainable and durable cease-fire with Israel.
  • 白宮發言人約翰德羅今天 (星期一) 還說,哈馬斯應當同意和以色列的可維持和長久的停火。

  •   Hamas militants who rule Gaza ended a six-month truce with Israel on December 19th.
  • 控制著加沙的哈馬斯激進分子在 12 月 19 日結束了和以色列為期 6 個月的停火。

  •   Germany also is demanding that Hamas stop rocket fire from Gaza.
  • 德國也要求哈馬斯停止從加沙發射火箭彈。

  •   A spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel quotes her as saying Hamas is responsible for the violence in Gaza and Israel has a right to defend itself.
  • 德國總理默克爾的發言人引用默克爾的話說,哈馬斯要對加沙的暴力負責,以色列有權自衛。

  •   On Sunday, U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he deplores the violence and is saddened by the casualties.
  • 星期天,聯合國秘書長潘基文說,他對暴力感到痛惜並對生命損失感到悲哀。

  •   He also called on Israel to open its border crossings with Gaza so that humanitarian aid can be delivered.
  • 他還呼籲以色列開放與加沙的邊界,以便運送人道救援物資。

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