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十二月份 第 20 課

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  • (2009-12-31)------

  • US Embassy Warns of Possible Attack on Indonesia's Bali
  • 美國使館警告印尼巴厘島可能發生恐怖襲擊
  •   Western embassies in Indonesia are warning that an attack may take place on New Year's Eve on the resort island of Bali.
  • 西方國家駐印尼大使館警告說,度假勝地巴厘島可能在除夕夜發生恐怖襲擊。

  •   The U.S. Embassy e-mailed Americans in Indonesia Thursday, urging them to keep a "low profile" and be "vigilant."
  • 星期四,美國大使館給旅居印尼的美國人發送電子郵件,敦促他們「低調」,並保持「警惕」。

  •   It said the alert was based on a message the governor of Bali sent the island's tourism board warning there is an indication of an attack.
  • 美國大使館說,發出警告是根據巴厘島省長巴斯蒂卡先前向當地的旅遊董事會發出的警告,巴斯蒂卡提醒他們有跡象表明會發生襲擊。

  •   The message from Governor Mangku Pastika urges people not to panic, but to put their security system to full alert.
  • 巴斯蒂卡要求人們不要驚慌,但是要保持全面戒備。

  •   The governor's spokesman is denying Pastika issued such a warning.
  • 省長發言人否認巴斯蒂卡發出過這樣的警告。

  •   Bali was hit by devastating terrorist attacks in 2002 and 2005, when more than 200 people were killed by bombings on popular restaurants and bars.
  • 恐怖分子曾在 2002 年和 2005 年在巴厘島發動造成破壞性極大的襲擊,在受歡迎的飯店和酒吧製造了爆炸案,導致 200 多人死亡。

  •   Most of the people convicted in those attacks were allied with the militant group Jemaah Islamiyah.
  • 襲擊中被定罪的大部分人都是激進組織「伊斯蘭祈禱團」的盟友。


  • (2009-12-31)------

  • 2009 World Says Goodbyes to 2009
  • 世界各地告別 2009 年
  •   Bursts of vibrant fireworks lit the skies above Australia's Sydney Harbour Bridge at midnight on January 1, as more than a million revelers rang in the New Year.
  • 1 月 1 日凌晨,澳大利亞雪梨的海灣大橋上禮花燦爛,點亮夜空;超過一百萬狂歡人群聚集於此辭舊迎新。

  •   Asia Pacific nations were the first in the world to say goodbye to 2009, a year marked by wars, terrorism, natural disasters and economic turmoil.
  • 亞太地區的國家和地區率先和 2009 年告別;這一年世界經歷了恐怖襲擊、自然災害以及經濟動盪。

  •   In Hong Kong, hundreds of thousands of people crowded along Victoria Harbour for an elaborate fireworks display.
  • 在香港,數以十萬計的民眾聚集在維多利亞港欣賞盛大焰火表演。

  •   China will celebrate the dawn of 2010 in February because it uses a different calendar, but President Hu Jintao still marked the occasion with a televised address reflecting on the past year's accomplishments.
  • 中國將在 2010 年 2 月慶祝農曆新年,但是,胡錦濤主席仍然在此時通過電視講話回顧過去一年所取得的成就。

  •   The threat of terrorism dampened the mood in Indonesia, where Western embassies warned of a possible attack on Bali.
  • 印尼受恐怖襲擊的威脅,民眾情緒低落;西方國家駐印尼大使館紛紛警告,巴厘島可能會遭到恐怖襲擊。

  •   Security is also tight in Paris, London and New York, where revelers will celebrate with confetti, music and fireworks.
  • 巴黎、倫敦和紐約也加強戒備;狂歡的民眾將以綵帶、音樂和煙花來慶祝新年。

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