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十二月份 第 20 課

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  • (2010-12-28)------

  • Spain, Russia Expel each other's Diplomats
  • 西班牙和俄羅斯驅逐對方外交人員
  •   Spain has expelled two members of Russia's diplomatic staff in Madrid, and says Moscow has responded by expelling two Spanish diplomats.
  • 西班牙驅逐了兩名駐馬德里的俄羅斯使館外交人員,西班牙說莫斯科也驅逐了兩名西班牙外交人員作為回應。

  •   The Spanish Foreign Ministry said Tuesday the Russian staffers were "invited" to leave after being found "to have engaged in activities incompatible with their status."
  • 西班牙外交部星期二表示,俄羅斯工作人員在被發現 “參與和他們身份不符的活動後” 被“ 請求” 離開。

  •   In diplomatic language, the phrase is normally taken to mean spying.
  • 在外交語言上,這句話的意思通常是指間諜活動。

  •   The ministry says Russia retaliated, sending home two Spanish embassy officials.
  • 西班牙外交部說,俄羅斯進行了報復,把兩名西班牙大使館工作人員送回國。

  •   The Spanish daily El Pais says the Russian departures took place in early November, based on a request from the director of Spain's National Intelligence Center.
  • 西班牙 《國家報》 說,應西班牙國家情報局局長的要求,這兩名俄羅斯外交人員在 11 月初離開。

  •   The Spanish Foreign Ministry says both governments consider the incident closed, and says both sides are working to return their delegations to full strength as soon as possible.
  • 西班牙外交部說,西俄兩國政府都認為這一事件已結束,並表示雙方都在努力儘快使他們的外交使團人數滿額。


  • (2010-12-28)------

  • West African Leaders to Demand Ivory Coast's Gbagbo Step Down
  • 西非國家領導人要求象牙海岸的巴博下臺
  •   A group of West African presidents is set to demand incumbent Ivory Coast President Laurent Gbagbo yield power, and accept election results showing his rival won last month's election.
  • 西非國家的幾位總統計劃要求象牙海岸現任總統巴博放棄權力,並接受他的對手在上個月選舉中獲勝的結果。

  •   Presidents from Sierra Leone, Cape Verde and Benin arrived in Abidjan Tuesday to hand over the demand from the West African regional bloc.
  • 獅子山、維德角和貝南的三國總統星期二抵達阿比讓,轉交西非區域集團、西非國家經濟共同體的要求。

  •   ECOWAS, which has threatened to use force if Mr. Gbagbo does not leave office.
  • 西共體威脅,如果巴博拒不下臺,他們將動用武力。

  •   The leaders are due to meet with Mr. Gbagbo and offer him political asylum in exchange for his resignation.
  • 這些領導人計劃將會見巴博,並且將向他提供政治庇護來換取他的辭職。

  •   They will also meet with Mr. Gbagbo's rival, Alassane Ouattara.
  • 他們還將會見巴博的對手瓦塔拉。

  •   Mr. Ouattara had called for a national strike Monday to try to force the incumbent president to step down.
  • 瓦塔拉星期一呼籲舉行全國罷工,試圖迫使在任總統下臺。

  •   But shops stayed open in Abidjan and street markets were bustling as normal.
  • 但是,阿比讓的商店照常營業,街頭市場也和平常一樣繁忙。

  •   Some workers said they could not afford to skip a day of work.
  • 一些工人表示,他們無法承受歇業一天帶來的損失。

  •   Mr. Gbagbo and Mr. Ouattara both claim they won the November presidential election.
  • 巴博和瓦特拉都宣稱他們贏得了 11 月的總統選舉。

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