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五月份 第 15 課

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  • (2013-05-21) ------

  • Chinese Premier Seeks Stronger Economic Ties with India
  • 李克強爭取加強中印經濟合作
  •   China's prime minister says his country and India need to establish stronger economic ties.
  • 中國總理李克強說,中國和印度之間需要建立更牢固的經濟紐帶。

  •   In a speech to business leaders on a visit to New Delhi Tuesday, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said that strengthening economic cooperation will lead to growth in both countries.
  • 李克強星期二訪問新德里期間對企業界領袖們發表演講時說,加強經濟合作將推動中印兩國的發展。

  •   On Monday, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Mr. Li agreed to resolve a border dispute and other tensions.
  • 星期一,印度總理辛格和李克強同意解決邊界爭端以及緩和在其他問題上的緊張局面。

  •   Mr. Singh said both sides must work to strengthen trust and confidence to create better cooperation.
  • 辛格說,雙方必須致力於加強建立更好合作關係的信任和信心。

  •   Premier Li, on a three-day visit to India, is expected to visit the nation's financial hub of Mumbai to meet top executives.
  • 李克強對印度進行為期三天的訪問,預計他將訪問印度金融中心孟買,會晤那裏的高層經管人員。


  • (2013-05-21) ------

  • Detained Chinese Fishermen, Boat Released by North Korea
  • 被朝鮮扣押的中國漁民獲釋
  •   Officials in Beijing say 16 Chinese fishermen who were seized for ransom in North Korea have been released.
  • 中國官員說,被扣押在朝鮮並被索取贖金的 16 名中國漁民已經獲釋。

  •   The official Xinhua news agency reported the development Tuesday, quoting a Chinese consular official in Pyongyang who spoke with the owner of the fishing boat.
  • 中國官方的新華社星期二報導了事態的進展情況,報導援引了一位中國駐平壤領事官員的話,這位官員曾與被扣押漁船的船主談話。

  •   The official said the men were safe and on their way home, but he gave no other details.
  • 這位官員表示,這些漁民是安全的,目前正在返家途中;但他沒有透露其他細節。

  •   The owner of the boat says North Korea was demanding nearly $100,000 for the return of the boat and crew, which were taken May 6 in the waters between China and the Korean peninsula. He says he did not pay any money for the release.
  • 這位船主說,朝鮮為返還漁船和漁民索取將近 10 萬美元贖金,他們是 5 月 6 日在間隔中國和朝鮮半島的水域遭到劫持的;這位船主表示,他沒有為獲釋交付贖金。

  •   It remains unclear who in North Korea was responsible for the kidnapping.
  • 目前還不清楚是哪些朝鮮人製造了這起綁架事件。

  •   Xinhua said the boat was "seized by the Democratic People's Republic of Korea," the North's official name, but it did not elaborate.
  • 新華社說,這艘船是朝鮮民主主義人民共和國扣押的,但未做具體說明。

  •   The incident has prompted an angry reaction on China's microblogs, and threatens to upset already tense diplomatic relations between the two allies.
  • 這一事件在中國微網志上激起憤怒反應,這可能影響這兩個盟國之間已經處於緊張狀態的外交關係。

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