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EPT 美語
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第十部 第五課 --- 請重複跟讀,直到可以於聲音檔的留空之間唸完整句為止;熟練之後您必將可以 "脫口而出" 地說出標準的美式英語

  • set up
  • Lewis is asking when Kerry will be set up for the show.
  • There was no evidence to prove that I was being set up.
  • show off
  • Lambert has a habit of showing off everything he buys.
  • She was obviously showing off her acting skills on stage.
  • show up
  • Why didn't you show up at the meeting yesterday?
  • Well, I showed up, but no one was there.
  • shut off
  • The water supply was shut off in order to fix some underground pipes.
  • Tell him to shut off the engine.
EPT 美語
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