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十月份 第 04 課

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  • (2009-10-06)------

  • Helicopters Drop Aid to Quake-Hit Indonesia
  • 直升機空投救援物資到印尼地震災區
  •   Helicopters are delivering earthquake aid to remote communities on the Indonesian island of Sumatra where whole villages were destroyed in massive mudslides following last week's quake.
  • 在印尼,直升機運送救援物資到印度尼西亞蘇門達臘島偏遠地帶的地震災區,該地區的村莊全部都被上星期地震所引發的大規模土石流沖毀。

  •   Many of the areas remain inaccessible by road -- forcing authorities to air drop food and supplies.
  • 許多地方至今道路不通,迫使當局向災區空投糧食和必需品。

  •   Emergency workers have shifted their focus from finding survivors to providing aid.
  • 緊急救難人員已將工作重點從尋找生還者轉移到運送救援物資。

  •   On the island's main city of Padang, demolition crews are knocking down buildings, despite fears that more bodies could remain under the rubble.
  • 在蘇門達臘島的主要城市巴東,僅管人們擔心還有更多的屍體被壓在瓦礫堆中,但是拆卸工人還是開始拆卸震垮的建築物。

  •   On Tuesday, rescue workers in the city thought they heard a woman crying for help from under a collapsed hotel, but a search determined there were no signs of life and demolition of the hotel resumed.
  • 在巴東的救難人員星期二覺得他們從倒塌的飯店裏聽到了一名女性求救的哭聲,不過,經過搜查後,沒有發現任何生還者;他們決定重新開始飯店的拆卸工程。

  •   Indonesia's official death toll rose Tuesday to 704, with 295 missing, but authorities say the number of casualties from the quake could climb into the thousands.
  • 印尼官方公佈的死亡人數截至星期二為止上升到 704 人,295 人失蹤;政府當局表示,這次地震造成的傷亡人數可能破千。


  • (2009-10-06)------

  • Insurgent Attack Kills 2, Wounds 12 in Southern Thailand
  • 激進分子襲擊泰國南部造成 2 人喪生 12 人受傷
  •   Police in Thailand say suspected Muslim insurgents opened fire on patrons and threw a bomb at an open-air restaurant in the troubled south.
  • 泰國警方說,在動盪的南部地區,疑是回教徒激進分子在一個露天餐廳向顧客開火並且投擲炸彈。

  •   Authorities say the attack Tuesday on the restaurant in Narathiwat province killed a civilian and a policeman, and wounded 12 others.
  • 有關當局說,星期二的襲擊發生在那拉提瓦省的一間餐廳裏,襲擊造成了一名平民和一名警察喪生還有另外 12 人受傷。

  •   The two attackers escaped on a motorcycle.
  • 兩名襲擊者騎摩托車逃離了現場。

  •   The attack followed a bomb blast Monday in neighboring Pattani that injured at least 11 people celebrating a Buddhist festival.
  • 在這次襲擊之前,星期一在鄰近的北大年省也發生了一起爆炸襲擊事件,造成正在慶祝佛教節日的 11 個人受傷。

  •   Police in Pattani province said the bomb was hidden in a motorcycle.
  • 北大年省的警方說,炸彈被隱藏在一輛摩托車內。

  •   At least 3,500 people have been killed since 2004 in Thailand's Muslim-majority southern provinces of Yala, Pattani and Narathiwat.
  • 自 2004 年以來,泰國以回教徒為主要人口的也拉,北大年和陶公府等南方省份有至少 3500 人喪生。

  •   Much of the violence has been linked to Muslim separatists.
  • 大多數暴力事件和回教徒分裂分子有關。


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