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十月份 第 09 課

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  • (2008-10-13)------

  • 61 People Hospitalized After Wedding Feast in China
  • 中國婚宴後 61 人住院
  •   Chinese state media report that 61 people have received hospital treatment for food poisoning after a wedding banquet in the northwest of the country. Xinhua news agency today (Monday) says 44 of the guests are still in the hospital.
  • 中國官方媒體報導說,在西北地區舉行的一個婚宴結束後,61 人由於食物中毒而被送進醫院接受治療。

  •   The report says many suffered fever, diarrhea and vomiting following last Thursday's banquet in Gansu province.
  • 新華社今天 (星期一) 報導說,44 人現仍在醫院中。

  •   The report says duck, chicken, shrimp and donkey were some of the main courses at the wedding feast. Around 600 people attended.
  • 報導說,上星期四甘肅省一次婚宴後,很多人發燒、腹瀉和嘔吐,婚宴主菜包括雞鴨、蝦和驢肉。大約 6 百人參加了婚宴。

  •   Xinhua says it is unclear what caused the poisoning outbreak.
  • 新華社說,目前還不清楚導致食物中毒的原因。

  •   China has been hit by a series of food safety scares in recent years.
  • 近年來,中國食物安全方面的問題不斷造成恐慌。

  •   Last month, thousands of infants were hospitalized after contaminated milk powder killed at least four.
  • 上個月,數萬名嬰兒因服用毒奶粉而住院治療,至少 4 名嬰兒死亡。


  • (2008-10-13)------

  • Governments Offer New Help for Troubled Banks
  • 政府為陷入麻煩銀行提供新幫助
  •   Governments around the world are moving to bolster banks with multi billion dollar bailouts today (Monday).
  • 世界各國政府今天 (星期一) 採取行動以數以 10 億美元計的鉅額資金救助銀行。

  •   They are trying to get banks to resume lending and restart the stalled credit market that threatens to push the world into recession.
  • 這些政府試圖讓銀行恢復借貸業務,重振可能使世界經濟陷於衰退的停滯的信貸市場。

  •   Many of the details were worked out in crisis talks over the past few days in Paris and Washington.
  • 幾天來,在巴黎和華盛頓舉行的危機問題會談確定了很多具體措施。

  •   The British government says it will make more than 63-billion dollars available to three major banks.
  • 英國政府說,將撥出 630 多億美元,供本國的三大銀行使用。

  •   If the banks take full advantage of the capital infusion, the government could become the largest shareholder in each.
  • 如果這些銀行充分利用政府注入的資金,那麼英國政府就將成為這三家銀行的最大股東。

  •   Germany's government put together a dollar rescue plan worth more than 600 billion dollars to shore up its financial system.
  • 德國政府制定了一項價值 6 千多億美元的美元救助計劃,支援本國的金融系統。

  •   It offers fresh money to banks and guarantees many loans.
  • 德國政府還提出為銀行注入資金,並對很多貸款提供保障。

  •   The United States says it is moving quickly to get its 700-billion dollar rescue plan organized and running.
  • 美國說,將迅速把本國的 7 千億美元救助方案安排妥當並付諸施行。

  •   The Bush Administration has named interim managers for the effort and is consulting with legal experts to find the best way to buy an ownership stake in banks, and to buy up faltering investments.
  • 布希政府任命了實施這項方案的諸多臨時主管,並諮詢法律專家,尋求取得銀行控股地位以及收購不良投資的最佳方式。


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