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十月份 第 16 課

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  • (2007-10-22)------

  • Asian, European Stocks Slide on Disappointing US Earnings
  • 美企業收益令人失望亞歐股市下滑
  •   Asian stock markets fell sharply Monday after disappointing earnings reports in the United States raised fears of a slowdown in the world's biggest economy.
  • 美國一些企業的收益報告令人失望,引發外界擔心這個世界最大經濟體的經濟增長放緩,亞洲股市星期一大幅下滑。

  •   Major indices lost more than two percent in Tokyo and Taipei, while Seoul's market fell more than three-percent.
  • 東京和台北主要股指跌幅超過 2 %.韓國首爾股市下滑超過 3 %。

  •   Hong Kong's Hang Seng Index was down about three-and-a-half percent in late trading.
  • 香港恆生指數在收盤前下滑了大約 3.5 %。

  •   European stock markets also opened lower Monday.
  • 歐洲主要股市星期一也以低價開盤。

  •   Major indices in London, Paris and Frankfurt were losing around one-and-a-half percent in early trade.
  • 倫敦、巴黎、法蘭克福的主要指數在開盤不久後下滑了大約 1.5 %。

  •   Dealers say the dollar's weakness against the yen and other currencies also worried investors in Asia.
  • 交易商說,美元對日圓和其他貨幣疲軟也令亞洲投資者擔憂。

  •   Stronger Asian currencies make Asian exports relatively more expensive in overseas markets.
  • 亞洲貨幣對美元升值導致亞洲出口產品在海外市場更加昂貴。


  • (2007-10-22)------

  • Suicide Bomber Hits British Convoy in Afghanistan, Wounds Bystanders
  • 阿自殺炸彈者衝入英車隊爆炸旁觀者受傷
  •   A suicide bomber has rammed his car into a British military convoy in southern Afghanistan, wounding three Afghan civilians who were nearby.
  • 在阿富汗南部,一名自殺炸彈殺手駕車衝入一個英軍車隊,炸傷 3 名附近的阿富汗平民。

  •   No casualties were reported among the British troops.
  • 目前沒有關於英軍在事件中傷亡的報導。

  •   The attack happened in Gereshk in the southern province of Helmand.
  • 這起攻擊發生在阿富汗南部赫爾曼德省的傑里什克。

  •   Two days earlier, the U.S.-led coalition and Afghan troops reported killing nearly 30 Taliban militants in Helmand.
  • 兩天前,美國領導的聯軍和阿富汗軍隊說,他們在赫爾曼德省打死將近 30 名塔利班武裝分子。


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