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十月份 第 17 課

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  • (2007-10-23)------

  • IOC Inspects Beijing Preparations for Olympics
  • 奧委會檢查北京奧運準備狀況
  •   Concerns about high levels of air pollution in the Chinese capital were on the agenda Tuesday as the International Olympic Committee began a three-day inspection tour to monitor progress for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
  • 國際奧林匹克委員會星期二開始對中國進行三天視察訪問,檢查 2008 年北京奧運會準備工作的進展情況,討論的首要議題包括對北京空氣高度污染的擔憂。

  •   Air quality is a major concern and IOC President Jacques Rogge has publicly said that unsafe levels of pollutants in the city could force outdoor endurance events to be postponed.
  • 空氣品質是一個主要擔憂;國際奧委會主席雅克.羅格曾經公開說過,北京污染物質的不安全程度可能會迫使室外耐力比賽項目推遲舉行。

  •   Heavy smog covered the city Tuesday as talks began between the IOC's coordination commission and Beijing Olympic organizers.
  • 國際奧委會協調委員會星期二與北京奧運會組織者之間開始會談之際,北京上空籠罩著濃厚的塵霧。

  •   In opening the meetings, IOC commission chief Hein Verbruggen likened the final months of preparation for the Games to a long distance runner,
  • 協調委員會主席維爾布魯根在開場白中將奧運會最後幾個月準備活動比喻成一名長跑運動員,

  •   saying the organizers' final sprint could be the difference between a gold medal and silver medal.
  • 他說,主辦者最後衝刺可能決定它將獲得一枚金牌還是一枚銀牌。


  • (2007-10-23)------

  • Study Shows CO2 Rising Faster Than Expected
  • 研究顯示二氧化碳含量增加超過預期
  •   A study published Tuesday in a scientific journal says carbon dioxide concentration in Earth's atmosphere is rising faster than expected.
  • 星期二刊登在一份科學雜誌上的報告說,地球大氣層中二氧化碳的聚集速度超過預期。

  •   The article published in "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" cites two factors for the increase:
  • 刊登在美國國家科學院文獻上的文章指出二氧化碳聚集速度加快的兩大因素:

  •   The increasing use of coal by developing countries such as China and India and the decreasing amount of CO2 absorbed by the world's oceans.
  • 一是中國和印度等發展中國家的煤炭使用量日益增多,二是地球海洋吸收二氧化碳的能力減弱。

  •   The study was prepared by a group of researchers led by Joseph Canadell of Australia's Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.
  • 澳大利亞國家科學院的卡納德利率領一些研究人員撰寫了這篇報告。

  •   The researchers said most forecasts of CO2 incorrectly presumed that humans would use increasingly more efficient ways to generate energy.
  • 這些研究人員還說,人們先前對二氧化碳的大部份預測都錯誤地假設人類會使用日益有效的方式開發能源。

  •   They said few of the forecasts thought the Earth's ability to absorb the gas would decline.
  • 他們說,幾乎沒有預測想到地球吸收二氧化碳的能力會減弱。


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