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十月份 第 17 課

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  • (2009-10-23)------

  • Iran to Pakistan: 'Hand Over' Militant Leader
  • 伊朗內長:交出激進分子首領
  •   Iran's interior minister is urging Pakistan to "hand over" the leader of a Sunni militant group blamed for a recent suicide bombing in southeastern Iran.
  • 伊朗內政部長極力敦促巴基斯坦交出遜尼派激進團體領導人;遜尼派真主旅製造了伊朗東南部最近一起自殺爆炸事件。

  •   Iranian minister Mostafa Mohammad Najjar traveled to Islamabad Friday, where he asked Pakistani officials to capture Abdelmalek Rigi, the leader of the militant group Jundallah.
  • 伊朗內政部長納賈爾星期五抵達伊斯蘭堡,要求巴基斯坦逮捕激進團體真主旅的領導人瑞吉。

  •   Najjar says Tehran has proof that Rigi "travels readily to Pakistan" and warns that failing to turn him over is not good for relations between the two countries.
  • 納賈爾說,伊朗有證據顯示瑞吉能很容易地進入巴基斯坦,並警告,倘若不將瑞吉交由伊朗處置,那對兩國的關係來說將不是一件好事。

  •   The Iranian interior minister met with his Pakistani counterpart (Rehman Malik) and President Asif Ali Zardari in Islamabad.
  • 伊朗內政部長納賈爾已和與巴基斯坦內政部長會談並和總統扎爾達裏會面。

  •   Jundallah claimed responsibility for the blast that killed 57 people Sunday in the Iranian province of Sistan-Baluchestan.
  • 真主旅已發表聲明對星期天發生在伊朗錫斯坦 - 俾路支斯坦省的攻擊負責。

  •   The victims included members of Iran's elite Revolutionary Guards.
  • 該事件造成 57 人死亡,罹難者中包括了伊朗精銳革命衛隊的成員。

  •   Iranian officials have suggested that Jundallah has links to Pakistani intelligence officials. Islamabad denies the claim.
  • 伊朗官員曾經暗示,真主旅和巴基斯坦的情報人員有聯繫;不過,巴基斯坦否認這項指控。


  • (2009-10-23)------

  • Still No Word from Iran on Proposed Nuclear Deal
  • 伊朗仍沒有對核協議議案表態
  •   There is still no word from Iran on whether it will accept a uranium enrichment deal proposed by the United Nations nuclear agency -- but the French foreign minister says the signs are, in his words, "not positive."
  • 伊朗還沒有對是否接受聯合國核機構的核濃縮協議表態,但是法國外長說這“不是一個積極”的現象。

  •   The plan would give Iran access to uranium enriched to a level sufficient for civilian use, but lower than what is needed for a nuclear weapon.
  • 這項計劃將把德黑蘭的鈾濃縮到可供民用但是比製造核武器所需的水準要低的程度。

  •   French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner said the indications from Tehran are "not positive."
  • 法國外長庫什內說,從德黑蘭的跡象看是“不積極”的。

  •   But he said he retains hope the Iranians will still accept the deal.
  • 但他說,他對伊朗接受該協議仍抱有希望。

  •   Iranian state television is quoting an unidentified Iranian negotiator as saying Tehran is awaiting a "positive and constructive" response from world powers to its proposal.
  • 伊朗國家電視臺引用一名沒有說明身份的談判代表的話說,德黑蘭正在等待世界大國對它的提議給予“積極並具有建設性意義”的回應。

  •   The negotiator did not elaborate, and it was not immediately clear if he was referring to a counterproposal.
  • 這位談判代表沒有具體說明,而且不能立即弄清楚他是否指的是一項對立的提議。


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