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三月份 第 07 課

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  • (2011-03-09) ------

  • Chinese Media Generally Welcome Reports of Locke Appointment
  • 中國媒體普遍歡迎駱家輝任命的報導
  •   Chinese media are expressing generally favorable reactions to reports that U.S. President Barack Obama will name Commerce Secretary Gary Locke as Washington's next ambassador to China.
  • 中國媒體對美國總統歐巴馬將任命商務部長駱家輝為下任駐華大使的消息普遍反應積極。

  •   Professor Shi Yinhong of Renmin University said in The Beijing News on Wednesday that Locke has visited China many times and knows the country "just like the palm of his hand."
  • 人民大學教授時殷弘星期三在《新京報》上說,駱家輝曾經多次訪問中國,對中國 “瞭如指掌” 。

  •   Zhou Wenzhong, China's former envoy to the United States, also was quoted welcoming Locke's nomination, calling him knowledgeable and friendly toward China.
  • 中國媒體援引前中國駐美國大使周文重的話說,他對駱家輝的任命表示歡迎,認為他知識淵博,並對中國友好。

  •   Locke, whose father and grandfather were born in China, served two terms as governor of Washington and was the first Chinese-American governor in the United States.
  • 駱家輝的父親和祖父都出生在中國,他曾擔任過兩屆華盛頓州州長,是美國第一位華裔州長。

  •   He strongly promoted trade with China during his time in office, leading several trade missions to the country.
  • 在任期間,駱家輝大力推動對華貿易,曾經幾次率領貿易代表團訪問中國。

  •   Many commentators said Locke will defend U.S. interests in spite of his Chinese heritage.
  • 很多評論人士說,儘管駱家輝有華人血統,但是他將維護美國利益。

  •   But a journalist with People's Daily said the new ambassador will understand "the tradition and way of Chinese dealing with issues."
  • 但《人民日報》的一位記者說,駱家輝會理解中國傳統以及中國處理問題的方式。

  •   However scholar Yuan Peng warned in the Global Times that Locke may try to use his heritage and "Chinese-looking face" to "swindle" the Chinese people.
  • 然而,學者袁鵬在《環球時報》上警告說,駱家輝可能試圖利用他的血統和中國面孔來 “欺騙” 中國人民。


  • (2011-03-09) ------

  • Tibetan Protesters Detained in New Delhi
  • 西藏抗議者在新德里被拘留
  •   Police in India arrested dozens of Tibetan protesters Wednesday during a demonstration outside the Chinese embassy in New Delhi.
  • 印度警方星期三逮捕了幾十名在新德里中國大使館外面示威的藏人。

  •   Nearly 100 Tibetan exiles had gathered outside the building to mark the anniversary of a failed uprising in 1959.
  • 將近 100 名流亡藏人聚集在中國大使館外面,紀念 1959 年失敗的暴動週年。

  •   Many members of the exile community, including the Dalai Lama, have lived in India ever since.
  • 自從那時以來,包括達賴喇嘛在內的很多流亡藏人一直居住在印度。

  •   Witnesses said the demonstrators wore yellow T-shirts saying "Free Tibet" and chanted "We want freedom" in defiance of regulations barring protests around the embassy.
  • 目擊者說,示威者身穿印有 “西藏獨立” 字樣的黃色T-恤衫,不顧禁止在中國大使館周圍舉行抗議活動的規定,呼喊 “我們要自由” 的口號。

  •   Police dragged dozens of the demonstrators into a bus and detained them for questioning.
  • 警察把幾十名示威者拖上一輛巴士並且將他們扣押起來進行訊問。

  •   The Associated Press quoted police as saying those detained would likely be released later in the day.
  • 美聯社援引印度警方的話說,被扣押的人很可能在當天晚些時候獲釋。


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