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三月份 第 07 課

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  • (2012-03-09) ------

  • US Businesses Sharply Boosting Employment
  • 美國就業二月繼續大幅增加
  •   Businesses in the United States boosted payrolls more than forecast in February, while the jobless rate remained unchanged from January's 8.3 percent.
  • 二月份,美國企業增加的僱員超過預期,不過, 美國的失業率仍維持在一月的 8.3 % 的水準。

  •   In its closely watched monthly report, the U.S. Labor Department said Friday that employers hired 227,000 new workers last month.
  • 美國勞工部星期五公佈的受到密切關注的月度就業報告稱,美國的僱主上個月雇用了 22.7 萬人。

  •   In addition, the report revised upward the number of people hired in January to 284,000.
  • 另外,報告還將一月份被雇用的人數上調到 28.4 萬人。

  •   Until February, the jobless rate had fallen for five straight months in the U.S.
  • 二月份之前,美國的失業率連續五個月出現下降。

  •   An indication that the world's largest economy is steadily recovering from the severe economic downturn that was the country's worst since the Great Depression of the 1930s.
  • 這顯示,這個全球最大的經濟體正在從 1930 年代大蕭條以來最嚴峻的經濟衰退中穩步恢復。

  •   As hiring has increased in recent months, the government said more jobless workers started looking for employment again in February.
  • 隨著最近幾個月就業機會的增加,美國政府說,二月份有更多的失業人口開始再次尋找工作。

  •   That left last month's unemployment rate unchanged.
  • 這使得上個月的失業率保持不變。

  •   The government said the job growth was broad-based, and included both higher-paying and lower-paying jobs.
  • 政府方面說,就業的增長涉及的行業廣泛,而且既包括比較高薪也包括比較低薪的工作。

  •   Professional and business services, health care, and the leisure and hospitality industries added the biggest number of jobs.
  • 專業性和商業服務、醫療保險、休閒和餐旅等行業增加的就業機會最多。


  • (2012-03-09) ------

  • Greeks Strike Deal to End Financial Crisis
  • 希臘達成結束財政危機的協議
  •   Greece says the majority ((85.8 percent)) of the country's private lenders, including financial institutions, have agreed to a bond swap deal to help the country eliminate a $142-billion debt and avoid a default on its financial obligations.
  • 希臘表示,包括金融機構在內的希臘絕大多數民間借貸方已經同意簽署債券交換協議,幫助希臘免除 1420 億美元的債務,以及避免債務違約。

  •   Greece intends to use legislation to force the remaining holdouts to sign on to the agreement.
  • 希臘打算利用立法來迫使其他尚未簽署協議的借貸方簽署協議。

  •   French President Nicolas Sarkozy on Friday praised the deal, saying it means "the problem is solved" and "a page in the financial crisis is turning." Mr. Sarkozy spoke in the southern French city of Nice.
  • 法國總統薩科齊星期五讚揚了這個協議;他在法國南部城市尼斯講話時表示,這意味著 “問題得到解決”,以及 “金融危機正在扭轉”。

  •   The chief economist for Alpha Bank in Greece (( Michalis Massourakis)) says the debt relief deal will have a positive impact on the growth of banks and the economy.
  • 希臘阿爾法銀行的首席經濟學家說,債務減免協議將對銀行和經濟的發展帶來積極的影響。

  •   Greece has adopted widespread austerity measures, cutting wages and pensions and eliminating thousands of government jobs, to meet the demands of international lenders so it could secure a new $172-billion bailout.
  • 希臘已經採取了大範圍的緊縮措施,削減工資和養老金並裁減了數千個政府工作崗位,以滿足國際借貸方的要求,從而獲得下一筆 1720 億美元的救助貸款。

  •   It is the country's second rescue package in two years.
  • 這將是希臘兩年來獲得的第二筆貸款。

  •   With Greece planning to pay back the remaining debt it owes to the financial institutions over an extended period, those that bought the Greek bonds will ultimately lose about three-fourths of their investments.
  • 儘管希臘計劃在更長的時間段裏償還其欠下金融機構的剩餘債務,但是購買希臘政府債券的投資者最終將損失其投資的 3/4。

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