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三月份 第 10 課

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  • (2010-03-12) ------

  • Rare Tigers Starve to Death in China Zoo
  • 中國動物園餓死 11 隻東北虎
  •   Eleven rare Siberian tigers have died in a Chinese zoo over the past three months, as conservation groups worldwide struggle to protect the endangered cat.
  • 就在全世界的動物保護組織竭力保護瀕危動物老虎的同時,中國一個動物園有 11 隻珍稀的東北虎在過去三個月中相繼死亡。

  •   The tigers died in the Shenyang Forest Wild Animal Zoo in the capital of the northeastern province of Liaoning.
  • 這些東北虎是在遼寧省瀋陽森林野生動物園死亡的。

  •   Local authorities say the animals died of malnutrition.
  • 地方當局說,死亡原因是營養不良。

  •   Chinese official news agency, Xinhua, reported Thursday that the cash-poor zoo fed the tigers only cheap chicken bones.
  • 中國官方的新華社星期四報導,動物園經濟效益不好,只給老虎喂食便宜的雞架。

  •   Hungry tigers attacked a zoo worker in November and two of the tigers were killed during the rescue.
  • 去年 11 月曾發生饑餓的老虎襲擊動物園飼養員事件,在救援過程中兩隻老虎被射殺。

  •   China has thousands of tigers living in captivity, but only about 50 are left roaming in the wild.
  • 中國有數千隻老虎被圈養,野外自由生存的老虎只有大約 50 隻了。

  •   An estimated 20 are the rare Siberian sub-species.
  • 估計珍稀的東北虎只有 20 隻左右。


  • (2010-03-12) ------

  • US Retail Sales Rise
  • 美國零售額上升
  •   U.S. retail sales rose in February, in spite of record snowfalls in some parts of the country that were expected to slow business.
  • 儘管美國部份地區上個月遭受的暴風雪可能使商業放緩,但美國 2 月份零售額依然上升。

  •   Friday's report from the Commerce Department says retail sales gained three-tenths of a percent.
  • 商務部星期五公佈的報告說,2 月份零售額增長 0.3 %。

  •   Economists watch retail sales closely because consumer demand drives about 70 percent of U.S. economic activity.
  • 經濟學家密切關心出售數據是因為美國大約 70 % 的經濟活動受消費者需求的推動。

  •   Auto sales declined, perhaps hurt by Toyota recalls and foul weather.
  • 2 月份汽車銷售下降,可能是受到豐田汽車召回和惡劣天氣的影響。

  •   Outside that volatile area, sales in the rest of the economy gained eight-tenths of a percent.
  • 除波動較大的汽車行業以外,其他行業的銷售額增長 0.8 %。

  •   Some analysts say the figures may mean that consumer spending will recover and contribute to economic growth sooner than they expected.
  • 一些分析人士說,零售數據可能意味著消費者支出可能較預期更快地復蘇並推動經濟增長。


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