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三月份 第 13 課

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  • (2007-03-19) ------

  • China Ends NPC Session, Approves Property, Tax Laws
  • 中國人大會議結束,批准物權法及稅法
  •   China's legislature has passed a landmark bill on property rights, and revised a tax law to eliminate preferential rates for foreign companies.
  • 中國的立法機構通過了具有里程碑意義的物權法,同時修改了企業所得稅法,取消了外國公司的優惠稅率。

  •   The annual meeting of the National People's Congress ended Friday with passage of the two significant laws.
  • 全國人大年度會議在通過這兩個具有重大意義的法律後星期五結束會議。

  •   The hotly-debated property legislation effectively grants private property the same status as state-owned property.
  • 引發激烈辯論的物權法實際上給予了私人財產同國有財產平等的地位。

  •   However, it stops short of privatizing collectively-owned rural land, and says the state remains the "leading force" in the ownership of property.
  • 但是,物權法沒有將集體所有的農村土地私有化,並表示國家依然是地產的「主要持有人」。

  •   The property law has been debated for 13 years. Party hardliners have long said it would undermine the basic tenets of socialism.
  • 物權法經歷了 13 年的辯論.共產黨內的強硬派一直認為,物權法會動搖社會主義的基本原則。

  •   But supporters argued the bill reflects the economic realities of today's China.
  • 但是支持者說,物權法反映了當今中國的經濟現實。

  •   The new tax law equalizes the tax rate for foreign-financed companies with Chinese businesses at 25 percent.
  • 新的企業所得稅法將向外國公司徵收與中國公司相同的 25 % 的稅率。


  • (2007-03-19) ------

  • China's Premier Wen Holds Annual News Conference
  • 中國總理溫家寶舉行年度記者會
  •   Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao held his news conference Friday in Beijing, where he discussed such issues as the country's growing economy and regional concerns.
  • 中國國務院總理溫家寶星期五在北京舉行記者會,討論了像中國不斷增長的經濟以及區域性問題等議題。

  •   Mr. Wen said corruption in China is worsening, and must be addressed by reducing the concentration of power among high-ranking officials.
  • 溫家寶說,中國的腐敗現象越來越嚴重,必須通過減少高層官員權力的過份集中來解決。

  •   On regional issues, Mr. Wen said he wants his visit to Japan in April to help warm relations between the two countries.
  • 在區域性問題上,溫家寶表示,他希望 4 月對日本的訪問有助於緩和中日兩國關係。

  •   He said that if Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's trip to China last October was an "ice-breaking" visit, then he hopes his trip to Japan will be "ice-thawing".
  • 溫家寶表示,如果說日本首相安倍晉三去年 10 月對中國的訪問是「破冰之旅」,那麼他希望他對日本的訪問能成為「融冰之旅」。


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